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Chapter 1567: I Dont Want It

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However, when she got up and took two steps forward, she realized that Cheng Jinnian was still holding on to her clothes tightly.

He was in so much pain, but he gritted his teeth stubbornly and held on to the corner of her clothes, refusing to let go.

“Let go.” Jiang Yao frowned.

Cheng Jinnian shook her head.

“Sister, I do know my mistake now.

Dont go, okay Ill be scared if you leave.”

“Be good.

Be obedient and let go.

I need to go get the needles and medicine.” Jiang Yaos tone softened when she saw the pitiful look in Cheng Jinnians eyes.

Well, Lu Xingzhi was right.

No one could withstand her pitiful look, and Cheng Jinnian had the same one.

Cheng Jinnian only let go when he heard that Jiang Yao would not leave him alone.

However, his eyes followed Jiang Yao as she walked to a cabinet to get something.

Then, she took out a medical box and walked back to him.

There were silver needles in Jiang Yaos medical box, but there was no medicine to treat acute gastroenteritis.

Fortunately, the medicine in the box was from the medical system.

She was prepared for simple illnesses.

“If you cant hold it in anymore, let me know.

Ill get a bucket for you,” Jiang Yao said to Cheng Jinnian as she prepared the silver needles for disinfection.

“You have to tell me where else you feel uncomfortable.”

Cheng Jinnian curled up and nodded without saying anything.

Jiang Yao could see that he was holding it in, so she did not expose him.

After a few acupuncture needles, Cheng Jinnian looked much better.

Even though it still hurt, at least it did not hurt as much as before.

When Jiang Yao used the needles on him, his eyelashes fluttered with tears.

He kept looking at Jiang Yaos face and not at Jiang Yaos hands.

It was a trusting action.

He trusted that she would not harm him, so he did not notice where she put the needles on his body.

He only observed her face.

He was checking to see if she was angry or impatient.

Cheng Jinnian secretly heaved a sigh of relief after confirming that she only looked serious and treated him as her patient.

‘Thats great.

My sister isnt angry.

After the last injection, Jiang Yao looked up at Cheng Jinnian.

The little boy on the bed shook his head.

“Tell me the truth,” Jiang Yao said to him.

Then, he hummed twice in a soft voice, “Just a little bit.”

Jiang Yao grunted and turned to get some medicine for Cheng Jinnian.

The boy did not move and followed her lead.

When he saw a syringe, he quickly asked, “Sister, are you giving me an injection In my arm or my butt”

“Your butt,” Jiang Yao answered without looking at him.

“No! I dont want it!” Cheng Jinnians little face immediately turned red.

“My brother said that a man cant show his butt to a woman so casually! Inject my arm! Ill give you my arm!”

Jiang Yao was almost choked to death by her own saliva.

“Didnt Cheng Jinyan tell you that a doctor is different”

“No!” Cheng Jinnian answered quickly..

His hands were about to cover his butt, but Jiang Yao threw him a fierce look before she put her hands back on the bed stiffly.

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