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Chapter 1560: Get Out Of My Way

Jiang Yao was stunned for a few seconds after she heard it.

There was a female vixen in the army.

“Lu Xingzhi! Lu Xingzhi!” Jiang Yao shouted into the phone.

On the other side of the phone, Lu Xingzhi only realized when he heard Jiang Yaos voice coming from the phone that Jiang Yao had already picked up the phone.

He had been making the call for quite a while, but Jiang Yao did not pick up.

He was heading home when he made the call.

Suddenly, he saw a sneaky figure at the door.

His attention shifted from the phone to the door.

He did not expect the sneaky person to be Colonel Yes daughter, Ye Xueli.

It was late at night, and she was carrying a fruit plate with three red Fuji apples on it.

They had been washed and still had water on them.

They looked good.

Thinking that Jiang Yao must have heard Ye Xuelis words, Lu Xingzhi quickly explained.

“Its Colonel Yes daughter who was speaking just now.

She probably came over to greet me.”

“A womans judgment is very accurate.

Just by listening to her voice, I can be sure that that woman has taken a fancy to you! Otherwise, why would she deliver a plate of fruits at night And she even waited to deliver it to your doorstep Do you think she doesnt have any ulterior motive”

Lu Xingzhi retorted subconsciously.

“Dont talk nonsense.” Then, he looked at Ye Xueli, who was still standing there, and said, “Move aside, youre blocking my door.”

Ye Xueli moved a few steps away in a daze as Lu Xingzhi took out the key and walked into his home, locking Ye Xueli outside the door.

Jiang Yao could not see Lu Xingzhis expression at that moment, but she could hear the tone in which Lu Xingzhi spoke to Ye Xueli.

He was extremely cold.

After he stepped inside, he closed the door.

He did not invite her in to talk, nor did he greet her.

He just locked her outside the door.

Lu Xingzhi did not care about Ye Xuelis mood.

After he entered the door, he continued to explain to Jiang Yao on the phone.

“Ive always treated her like that.

That was the second time I met her.

Would you treat men like that”

Jiang Yao was speechless at that rhetorical question.

They would not.

Under normal circumstances, a man who treated women like that would, in Zhou Junmins words, deserve never to be able to marry a wife.

Lu Xingzhi sneered.

“So, she likes my money and my status.”

Jiang Yao scratched her head.

So, what then Did Lu Xingzhi know that Ye Xueli was interested in him

Even if she was interested in his money and identity, she was still interested in him.

Jiang Yao said, “Stay away from her in the future.

Im not with you, and you just joined the new unit.

Many people dont know about you and me.

Maybe many people still think that youre not married, so there must be a lot of girls coming to you.”

Lu Xingzhi laughed.

“Did you forget that Im going to start closed-door training tomorrow”

It looked like he would not remember Ye Xueli.

Jiang Yao patted her head.

“Anyway, Im not by your side, so you have to treat other girls as mercilessly as the autumn wind sweeping the fallen leaves.”


Young Master Lu was happy that his wife was jealous.

She might have been nervous about the situation, but Lu Xingzhi was delighted about it.

He thought that she was adorable.

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