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Chapter 1559: A Mothers Love

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She did not know that someone far away in another country was happy because of her simple words of concern.

“Did she really ask about my health” Madam Chengs heart softened when she heard what her eldest son had said.

“Yes, and she said that she would make some medicine for you when Xiao Nian comes back.”

Cheng Jinyan was happy when he saw that his mother was in a good mood.

“Xiao Nian must have annoyed her recently.

Father and Xiao Nian have been fooling around together.

He kept it from the two of us and thought Xiao Nian was done with his visit.

I didnt expect him to be looking for his sister.

“That child has so many ideas of his own.

Its all because of you and your father.” Madam Cheng was lying on the bed with a smile on her face, but then she got a little worried and said, “Youd better not interfere with her life.

Even though I gave birth to her, I never raised her.

Im content knowing that shes happy.

At first, I thought that she was no longer in that world.

Now I know that she has grown up healthily and married a husband who dotes on her very much, with adoptive parents who treat her as their own, brothers who dote on her, and a family that treats her very well.

I feel content knowing that so many people love her.”

That was a mothers love.

Since she had never given her daughter anything, she would not ask for anything in return.

She only wanted her daughter to live well.

Cheng Jinyan nodded and said, “I know, so I will get someone to bring Xiao Nian back tomorrow.

When Xiao Nian comes back, you can ask him to tell you about her.

Well just pretend that we dont know about Father.”

Madam Cheng nodded with a smile.

No matter how bloody and brutal Master Cheng was in the eyes of outsiders, he was her husband, a husband who would occasionally be a little childish.

When Lu Xingzhi called Jiang Yao after the meeting, she ate the fruit that Mrs.

Lu had cut and served.


Lu was also talking to Jiang Yao, who ate an apple with her head lowered.

She was talking about her birth mother.


Lu learned about Jiang Yaos birth mothers experience from Cheng Jinnian.

As a woman, she sympathized with and admired Xie Qiuran, who dared to climb out of a bad situation.

After a few words, she realized that Jiang Yao did not seem willing to talk about Madam Cheng, so she did not ask more.

At the same time, Jiang Yaos phone rang.

When Mrs.

Lu passed the phone to her, she unintentionally saw that the caller was Lu Xingzhi, so she teased Jiang Yao.

“That kid really forgot about his mother after he got married.

Hes been calling you all day long, but he doesnt seem to be calling me and his father.

Then, Mrs.

Lu cheerfully left Jiang Yaos room.

She did not intend to stay there to eavesdrop on the couples conversation.

There were probably not many mothers-in-law who could be as open-minded as Mrs.

Lu in the entire county.


Lu exited the room before Jiang Yao answered the call.

Before she could speak to Lu Xingzhi, she heard the voice of an unfamiliar young woman from Lu Xingzhis phone.

It sounded like the woman was talking to Lu Xingzhi.

“Colonel Lu, youre back so late You must have been hard at work.

Oh, right, this is the fruit I bought from the city today.

Its very fresh.

I know you just moved here, so I brought some for you.

Colonel Lu, you dont remember me Weve met before..

Im Miss Ye.

Have you forgotten”

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