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Chapter 1558: I Know

When Cheng Jinyan, who was far away in HL, received a phone call from Huang Chengjing, he was dumbfounded, or rather, he was at a loss.

“Did Jiang Yao tell you that Xiao Nian is staying at her house And she said that I blocked her.

But I dont know anything about that.”

Huang Chengjing knew that his friend was telling the truth.

Cheng Jinyan probably really did not know about that.

“The world is too small!” Huang Chengjing curled his lips.

“I didnt expect Jiang Yao to be your sister.

If I marry Lu Yuqing in the future, will you call me brother-in-law too”

“Well talk after you marry her.

Now, tell me about Xiao Nian.

Did she say when Xiao Nian went to find her” Cheng Jinyan asked.

“She did not.”

Huang Chengjing shook his head.

“She only said that you blocked her number.

And she said to pick up Xiao Nian quickly.

Otherwise, she will poison him.

But I dont believe her; shes too soft for that.”

“You dont need to tell me that.

I know her personality.” Cheng Jinyan was displeased when he heard that Huang Chengjing spoke as if he knew Jiang Yao so well.

She was his sister, not Huang Chengjings sister.

Why would he know her so well

After hanging up on Huang Chengjing, Cheng Jinyan immediately checked his phone.

When he opened it, he saw Jiang Yaos phone number on his blocked list.

Cheng Jinyan laughed out of anger.

He remembered that Cheng Jinnian had borrowed his phone before he left.

When he came back, he had a sly smile on his face.

It was probably because he had secretly blocked Jiang Yaos phone at that time.

However, he was completely unaware of it.

Of course, Cheng Jinnian was a young child who traveled so far away to find Jiang Yao.

He definitely had a helper, and there was no second choice for a helper.

It was definitely his father, Master Cheng.

Cheng Jinnian probably wanted to be close to his sister, and Master Cheng probably wanted his mothers daughter to be close to his mother.

His mother had been recovering from her injuries.

Even though she never mentioned Jiang Yao again, nor had she inquired about Jiang Yaos situation, his mother would frequently be in her own thoughts.

Cheng Jinyan thought that his mother must have been thinking about Jiang Yao at that time.

She was his mothers first child.

She was also the child who had caused his mother a lot of heartache for a long time.

Her mother blamed herself for what happened to her child.

Perhaps even Xiao Nian was not as important as Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao enjoyed the cool breeze for more than 20 minutes before she received a call from Cheng Jinyan.

He explained that he did not know about Cheng Jinnian coming to find her.

Jiang Yaos tone became better after receiving Cheng Jinyans promise to send someone to pick up Cheng Jinnian the next day.

She wanted to hang up the phone after getting the answer she wanted.

In the end, Jiang Yao asked, “Hows your mother recently”

Cheng Jinyan was delighted to hear Jiang Yaos concern, but he was smart enough not to change his tone.

“Shes alright.

She was discharged from the hospital a few days ago and went home to rest.

The doctor said that the mothers recovery is better than expected.”

“Ill give Cheng Jinnian some medicine before he leaves.

Tell your mother to take my medicine instead of some of the prescriptions from the hospital.

Ill write a note for the details.” After saying that, Jiang Yao hung up the phone without waiting for Cheng Jinyan to speak.

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