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Chapter 1550: Does She Like Him

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Xueli had been listening attentively to her father and stepmothers words in the kitchen.

She felt a little regretful when she did not hear what she wanted to hear.

When she saw Zhu Suping, she opened her mouth to ask some questions, but she calmed down and took the breakfast out when she thought of her father in the living room.

Colonel Yes eldest son was at university, so only four of them were there for breakfast that morning.

Xueli was very conflicted over breakfast.

She felt that the breakfast time was a little too long.

She waited until Colonel Ye finished his breakfast and left home.

After making sure that Colonel Ye was away, she pretended to return to the dining table to help Zhu Suping clear the dishes and asked, “Whats the name of that Colonel Lu who moved in next door”

“I think his name is Lu Xingzhi,” Zhao Suping answered.

“He doesnt look old, right”

“Hes only in his 20s or 30s.

Hes very young.” She had been staying in the army base, so she knew more than Ye Xueli.

Zhu Suping suddenly realized that her stepdaughters attitude was a little too amiable that day.

“Hes so powerful, even though hes not even 30 years old.

Then he must have a special background, right Do you know anything about that” When Ye Xueli heard that he was only in his 20s or 30s, her eyes were almost bursting with starlight.

“I heard that he came from Jindo City.

I dont know his identity exactly, but I heard he has excellent abilities.

Hes a top student from the Jindo City Military Academy, and his results were the best.

There were other things too, but I hadnt heard about that.”

Even though Zhu Suping said she did not know, she knew a little about it.

For example, she heard that Colonel Lu single-handedly eliminated the entire female team, but she did not want to tell Ye Xueli about it.

Then, Zhu Suping looked at Ye Xueli with a smile.

“Why are you asking so much about Colonel Lu Could it be that you have taken a fancy to Colonel Lu”

She looked at Ye Xuelis expression very seriously.

Seeing her flustered expression, it seemed that she had guessed correctly.

“Youve seen him” Zhu Suping sneered.

It looked like her stepdaughter might have returned to inquire about Colonel Lu.

Ye Xueli nodded.

“He sent those orphans to the citys welfare institute.

Then they were arranged to attend my class.

He is sponsoring those children.

I saw him at school yesterday.

Ye Xueli said, “Hes young, promising, and rich.

Hes also handsome.

Whats so strange about me liking him”

“Then youd better get rid of those thoughts in your heart as soon as possible.”

Zhu Su Pings mood suddenly became exceptionally good as she said, in a high-spirited tone, “Colonel Lu got married a long time ago! His wife had also come to the army base to stay a few days ago.

He was very good to his wife! Dont you think that a young, promising, and handsome man like him would wait until now to pick up scraps like you A sharp-eyed woman would have long claimed a good man.”

Zhu Suping did not let go of the indescribable look of shock on her stepdaughters face..

She felt proud.

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