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Chapter 1548: He Lives Next Door

The first night Jiang Yao was separated from Lu Xingzhi, he called her to remind her to rest early.

Unfortunately, after tossing and turning for a long time, she still could not get any sleep.

Yes, it was her first night of insomnia.

That habit was a scary thing.

In the army base, Lu Xingzhi was busy until midnight.

The closed-door training was scheduled in three days, and Zhou Junmin would join them half a month later.

The new house seemed empty.

Perhaps it was because there was no one else there, so it seemed a little calmer.

Jiang Yaos things could be seen everywhere in the house.

Most of them were sent from their previous home in the Jin City army base.

She had personally chosen some plants, tablecloths, curtains, and others.

When he opened the wardrobe, he saw her clothes.

She did not buy most of them herself.

They were things that Lu Xingzhi had bought whenever he passed by a clothing store in Jin City.

Some still had tags on them.

Jiang Yao had not worn most of those clothes.

Lu Xingzhi took a few sets of clothes from the wardrobe and threw them into his bag.

He looked around the room, trying to think of what else he should bring.

He thought of the commonly used medicine that Jiang Yao had left behind; he walked to the bedside cabinet.

He pulled the top layer open and saw them.

After taking the medicine, Lu Xingzhi closed the drawer.

Then, he took an iron box from the bottom drawer.

It was the first birthday gift that Jiang Yao had given him.

It had been a long time since he had seen his wife.

So, it was still good to be able to see something she had made for him.

After putting the box into his bag, Lu Xingzhi realized that it was about time to sleep.

He closed his bag in satisfaction before lying down on the bed to rest.

The night seemed a little long, but he slept until dawn, no matter how long it was.

Without Jiang Yao around, Lu Xingzhi did not even have the mood to make breakfast.

After washing up, he changed into his training clothes and left the house quickly.

When he passed by the Ye family next door, he bumped into Colonel Ye.

The two men nodded at each other, but they did not go together.

Lu Xingzhi went to the cafeteria, and Colonel Ye went home to eat breakfast.

Lu Xingzhi did not notice a woman walking in front of Colonel Ye.

It was the young teacher he had met the previous night.

“Dad, that person just came to our base, right” Ye Xueli was stunned when she saw the familiar figure.

She did not get anything out of him at school.

She did not expect to meet that young and handsome soldier when she returned home that morning.

“He lives next door.” Colonel Ye looked at his eldest daughter.

“He has been reporting for a few days.”

Ye Xueli was a teacher in the city.

She usually stayed in the dormitory allocated by the school during school days and would only come back to the military district during the weekend.

She went shopping with her friends the previous weekend, so she was not at home.

She had applied for leave to return home that morning because she wanted to ask about the young man she saw yesterday.

Those children were sent to her class, and she had received too many complaints about them.

She had wanted to find their sponsor so that she could persuade them to take the children back.

However, when she saw such a young and handsome soldier, Ye Xueli gave up on the idea.

Ye Xueli thought that man was rich to be able to sponsor so many children.

“I remember that the person living next door is also a colonel of the Special Forces, right I did not expect him to be so young—young and promising.” She complimented that young man in front of her father.

However, she knew she had said too much when she saw her fathers expression.

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