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Chapter 1545: We Hate You

The female teacher did not answer immediately.

Instead, she asked, “I heard that a soldier funded these children.

Does that mean that you are a soldier I didnt expect you to be such a young and handsome soldier.

Oh, right! Which military region are you from Coincidentally, my father is also a soldier.”

Lu Xingzhi was a little impatient with the teachers answer, but he became more patient when he heard the teacher say that her father was also a soldier.

He thought that the teacher was curious about him because he was also a soldier.

However, Lu Xingzhi did not answer.

Instead, he asked again, “Whats the problem with these children”

Only then did the female teacher say, “The problem is quite big.

They dont pay attention in class, so they cant keep up with our class.

Not only that, they often fight with their classmates, bully the younger ones, and even fight with the middle schoolers.

I cant control them, so I wanted to meet with their parents.”

The more the young female teacher spoke, the more she frowned.

She even sighed and started scolding the children.

“Those children are used to being wild.

No matter how you manage them, they cant be controlled properly.

I fear that its a waste of money and energy for you to sponsor such children.

These children dont know how to be nice and wont remember how others treated them well.

They always want to go against others.

Its really a headache.

They dont know how to respect their teachers.”

“Who said we dont respect our teacher We respect our teacher!” One of the children standing in the row retorted angrily.

“We just hate you!”

“We hate you!” The boy standing at the front also followed suit.

Lu Xingzhi was not angry, but he was powerful.

He swept his gaze over them, and those children immediately shrank back and stopped talking.

“I know.

I will teach them a lesson.” Lu Xingzhis gaze was like that of a soldier, and he pointed at them one by one, making them stand erect.

The children immediately stood upright.

“I shall bring them back first,” Lu Xingzhi said and then nodded toward the boy leading the way.

“Come with me!” After saying that, he took the lead and strode downstairs.

He threw the young female teachers complaints to the back of his head.

Lu Xingzhi thought that the teacher was a responsible teacher.

However, it seemed like that was not the case.

Back then, those children were in an extraordinary situation.

When they were sent to the school, they also informed the principal and the head of the school.

It was entirely normal for the children not to be able to keep up with the other students, but that young female teacher had complained about that.

She had even repeatedly said that those children were wild and told him not to waste his energy on them.

Clearly, the female teacher did not show any kindness toward those children.

Even though those children were young, they had spent many years in society and had learned to read peoples expressions.

Whether a person liked them or not, they could tell at a glance.

Lu Xingzhi left the school with the children.

He stood at the school gate and told them to line up according to their height.

“Fighting Isnt it dangerous to bully children Are you even putting all your effort into your studies”

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