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Chapter 154: Lets Get Together

Zhang Xiqings face twisted in a contemptuous grimace as the mans laughter echoed in her ear over the phone.

Qi Xiang was quite well-known in Nanjiang City, but in a notorious and dishonorable way.

He was infamously known as a womanizer in the city, and he could start his own university by gathering all of his girlfriends past and present.

Qi Xiang didnt have a bottom line or principle when it came to women.

When he had a target, he would aim and charge at her like a predator attacking a prey, regardless of their will.

Zhang Xiqing snorted in disdain.

If it wasnt for retaliating against Jiang Yao, she had no desire to befriend such a disgusting man in her life.

“I thought of you when I saw my collegemates husband driving your new car to pick his wife up from university the other day.

When will you be free Lets get together.

You and me, your friends and mine, lets call up the friend who borrowed your car and his wife too.

Your friends wife is my coincidentally my collegemate, so I know her.” Zhang Xiqings tone made it seem like she was an old friend of his.

Then, she chuckled, “My collegemate is very pretty, I bet shell leave an impression to you when you meet her.”

Qi Xiang grunted, “Who told you that the guy who drove my car was married He, Zhou Weiqi, is still a bachelor.

I can guarantee that he is not married.

Did your friend tell you that Wow, shes quite ambitious, that friend of yours.

Does she really imagine that she is Zhou Weiqis wife I bet he was just flirting with her and has dumped her already.

He has left Nanjiang City.”

Qi Xiang had only loaned his car to Zhou Weiqi after he bought it, so he guessed from Zhang Xiqings remarks that it was Zhou Weiqi who had driven his car to her school to hit on girls.

He wondered if women nowadays were so dumb as Zhang Xiqing mentioned the termwife.

Zhou Weiqi was on a business trip here for a day, and he found a woman to spend a night with him out of boredom.

Did that woman really call herself Zhou Weiqis wife after a one night stand He bet that Zhou Weiqi didnt even see her as a girlfriend, but instead, only as a single-use sex tool.

Did she already imagine a future with him after a night of intimacy

Qi Xiang had furthered his study at a university in Jindo, and it was also by coincidence that he got to know Zhou Weiqi.

They didnt have a problem with each other, though Qi Xiang had deliberately coaxed Zhou Weiqi due to his reputation in Jindo.

Hence, he had been on friendly terms with Zhou Weiqi all this while.

He had planned to entertain Zhou Weiqi when he was in town this time, but Zhou Weiqi had disappeared for a long time after borrowing his car and was busy with his business affairs.

It was only until a day before Zhou Weiqi left for Jindo that they had an opportunity to have a meal together.

Qi Xiang knew of Zhou Weiqis social status.

The Qi family was one of the wealthiest families in Nanjiang City, but they paled in comparison with the Zhou family in Jindo.

Thus, Qi Xiang was very certain that Zhou Weiqi would not marry a woman without any significant background as his wife.

However, a wicked idea was generated in Qi Xiangs mind after Zhang Xiqing said that the girl was very pretty.

Zhang Xiqing was generally known for her attractive looks in Nanjiang City.

When a pretty girl praised another girl as pretty, and the girl was so pretty that she attracted Zhou Weiqis attention, then she must be good-looking indeed.

Qi Xiang felt his curiosity tickling inside him, wondering what Zhou Weiqis woman tasted like.

Besides, Zhou Weiqi had gone back to Jindo and would not return to Nanjiang City any time soon, so he certainly couldnt care less about the girl now.

“Deal! Tomorrow night then.

Tell your collegemate that Ill bring her husband along, just say that well be getting together for tea.” Qi Xiang was convinced that the girl would walk right into his trap by luring her with Zhou Weiqi as bait.

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