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Chapter 1538: I Dont Care

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“Lets eat,” Lu Xingzhi said.

Jiang Yao nodded.

She lowered her head and noticed that Moe was looking up at her from under the dining table.

She imitated Lu Xingzhis tone and said, “Lets eat!”

He rolled his eyes at Jiang Yao from under the dining table.

Then, he held his bowl in his mouth and moved to Mrs.

Lus feet.

He continued to eat his braised chicken drumsticks and ignored Jiang Yao.

The lunch did not end until one oclock.

It was time for Lu Xingzhi to go to the airport in the city to catch his flight.


Lu and Mrs.

Lu were already used to Lu Xingzhis schedule, so they went upstairs to take a break after lunch.

They had to go to work in the afternoon.

Cheng Jinnian was also sent to the guest room by Mrs.

Lu to take a break.

Jiang Yao watched as Lu Xingzhi organized his things in the room.

Then, she followed him to the gate.

“Why dont I drive you to the airport” Jiang Yao reached her hand toward Lu Xingzhi.

“Give me the car keys.”

“No need.” He was worried about letting Jiang Yao drive the car back alone after sending him off.

She still had to recuperate from her illness.

“Then Ill take a taxi to send you to the airport, and then Ill take a taxi back.”

“Dont tire yourself.” Lu Xingzhi continued to shake his head.

Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi suspiciously and felt something was wrong with that guy today.

Last summer, he had tormented her the entire night without any rest.

She was so sleepy that she could not even open her eyes in the morning.

That guy even wanted to carry her to the car so that she could send him to the airport.

Had he changed then They had divided so quickly.

They met on a national holiday the last time, and it had been six months later!

Why did that guy want to leave so quickly

What did he mean by not wanting to tire her It was fine if he were afraid she would be tired from driving, but why would she be exhausted from taking a taxi It was not like she would get carsick!

Jiang Yao poked Lu Xingzhis chest with her fingertips.

“Do you want to go that badly”

Lu Xingzhi laughed as he held the fingertips poking at his chest.

“Im afraid that youll be tired.

Dont think too much.”

Jiang Yao shook her head.

She pouted.

“Did someone in the army charm you Do you want to spend more time with them than your wife Is that why youre so eager to return to base”

“Youve been to the army base.

Be reasonable.

Who would want to charm me” Lu Xingzhi pinched Jiang Yaos cheek and said, “Rest well at home.

And eat more.

When Im back from training, Ill give you a reward if you can return to your previous weight.”

“I dont care.” Jiang Yao shook her head repeatedly, like a broken machine, and said, “Maybe you think some people in the army base are more charming than me.

They might be competing for my husband.”

Lu Xingzhi held her in his arms for quite a while.

She did not want him to leave, but she did not want to make things difficult for him.

She just wanted to spend more time with him, even if it was just for a little while.

She did not know how to be unreasonable and insisted he stay and accompany her.

She did not want him to leave, but she also did not want to make things difficult for him.

It made ones heart ache.

However, he had to go.

He needed to realize his ambitions and revenge.

He needed a chance to grow until he was strong enough to take her under his wing.

An empty taxi drove across the road from the Lu family.

Lu Xingzhi waved his hand to stop the taxi before gently pushing the person in his arms.

His voice was slightly tense as he said, “Yaoyao, I have to leave now..

Take care of yourself.

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