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Chapter 1536: Cant Eat

Jiang Yao walked downstairs in her slippers.

Cheng Jinnians eyes lit up when he saw her.

However, when he saw her walk toward Lu Xingzhi as if she did not see him, Cheng Jinnian sat up straight and did not say anything.

“Come with me to the yard to bask in the sun.” At that time, the sun was still relatively warm.

Jiang Yao reached out and poked Lu Xingzhis shoulder.

Then, she reached out to remove the newspaper from his lap and swiped her hand in front of him.

She motioned for him to take her out.

“Do you want me to get you an apple while you bask in the sun” Lu Xingzhi stood up and held her small hand in his palm.

When he spoke, his voice was much softer than when he talked to Cheng Jinnian.

That was natural and not intentional.

He would always leave all his tenderness to Jiang Yao.

“Im not eating.” Jiang Yao shook her head.

The sun was shining brightly in the courtyard.

It was just after ten in the morning, so it was not too hot.

The vines that had endured the whole winter had finally welcomed the spring.

Tender green leaves quietly emerged from the vines.

The lush green scenery made people think of ripe grapes.

Jiang Yao remembered that Lu Xingzhi seemed to like enjoying wine at home.

Every year, Mrs.

Lu would pluck the grapes she planted and make wine.

Whenever Lu Xingzhi was home, he would have a few drinks with Mr.


When he returned to the army, he would bring some to give to his brothers.

“You wont be able to eat this years grapes.”

Jiang Yao stretched her hand outward and said, “Ill ask mom to brew more wine.

After your closed-door training is over, Ill bring some for you.”

“Okay,” Lu Xingzhi nodded and replied in a low voice.

As she spoke, she leaned against his body.

It was unknown whether she looked at the scenery or his face.

Her eyes, as clear as autumn water, were very moving.

The sunlight shone on her face through the gaps in the leaves.

The shadow of the grape leaves gently hit the side of her face.

Her long eyelashes lightly swept across the shadow, and her entire person looked incomparably serene.

Lu Xingzhi had never had any poetic moments in his life.

However, looking at her, a quote appeared in his mind—as quiet as a virgin, as moving as a rabbit.

His wife was gorgeous, no matter where she was or how he looked at her.

She was so beautiful that he could not help but want to kiss her.

So he kissed her.

His hands were placed on her waist, and he only needed to lower his head slightly to kiss her easily.

A kiss without any desire.

It was a moment when the body moved with the heart.

Their lips met as they intertwined with each other.

Neither of them closed their eyes.

It was as if they wanted to remember each others appearance at that moment deeply.

It was such a lovely time.

The love between him and her was even more beautiful.

Since Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao were at home, Mr.

Lu returned home half an hour earlier in the afternoon.

When he entered the door, he did not smell the aroma of food from the kitchen but saw the young guest at home.


Lu walked to the living room in an apron and took the things from Mr.


She said, “Youre home this early We have a guest.

Its Yaoyaos biological younger brother, Cheng Jinnian.

This five-year-old child is polite and smart.

Hes going to stay at our house for the time being.”

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