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Chapter 1532: Didnt Pick Up

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After saying that, Jiang Yao thought for a while and said, “I dont know how he dragged such a big suitcase into the courtyard.”

“Someone must have helped him.”

There were quite a lot of things in the suitcase, and it was also quite heavy.

With Cheng Jinnians strength, there was no way he could drag it into the Lu familys courtyard by himself.

Lu Xingzhi guessed that the person who had sent Cheng Jinnian to the gate must have helped him drag it in.

The gate was initially closed, so it should have been unlocked when Li Qing ran out, making it convenient for Cheng Jinnian.

“Id better call Cheng Jinyan and ask him to come and get that kid as soon as possible.”

She thought for a while, but she still did not want to endure for two more days, so she took out her phone from her pocket.

The last time she called, they were in the middle of a call.

That day, his phone was turned off.

Cheng Jinyan must have been busy that day.

Perhaps he was on a plane or in a secret meeting.

“He did not pick up” Lu Xingzhi asked when he saw Jiang Yao put her phone back after a few seconds.

“His phone is off,” Jiang Yao said.

Then she sighed.

“Do you think my parents and eldest brother would be unhappy if they saw Cheng Jinnian and knew that he is the son of my biological mother”

“Why would they be unhappy” Lu Xingzhi did not quite understand.

“Because I grew up by their side.

Im afraid they would be worried that I would leave the Jiang family and return to my biological mother.

They love me, so they might be afraid that I would leave.” That was why Jiang Yao wanted to distance herself from the Cheng family.

She did not want the Jiang family to be worried and unhappy.

The Lu family and the Jiang family were her closest relatives in the world.

“No,” Lu Xingzhi replied with certainty.

The Jiang family was not unreasonable.

They were not the kind of people who were afraid that Jiang Yao would go with another family.

They loved Jiang Yao.

Those who cared about her would only be glad that she had someone who cared about her.

On the contrary, they would be happy for her.

When they were old, there would still be other people in that world who would protect Jiang Yao.

That was the most selfless love.

The Jiang family should understand their daughter, whom they had raised.

Jiang Yao was not the kind of person who would be so heartless to break relations with the Jiang family just because she had acknowledged her biological mother.

Furthermore, she still had the Lu family, and they had never met Jiang Yaos biological mother either.

They were the Jiang familys in-laws.

As long as Jiang Yao was Lu Xingzhis wife, she would remain the Jiang familys daughter.

After hearing Lu Xingzhis affirmative answer, Jiang Yao thought about it and felt she worried too much.

Back then, when Xie Qiuxiang pretended to be her mother to acknowledge her as her daughter, the Jiang family had no intention of stopping her.

However, they felt that Xie Qiuxiang was not a good mother, so they frankly told Jiang Yao their views.

Jiang Yao felt much more at ease.

She did not care how Cheng Jinnian fawned on Mrs.

Lu downstairs.

Anyway, she had decided to chase him away after Mrs.

Lus interest in Cheng Jinnian passed.

After she thought it through, Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi, realizing how much she loved him.

She could not see him for half a year.

It was hard just thinking about it.

“I wish I could hide you in my pocket.”

Jiang Yao sighed and raised her hand to touch Lu Xingzhis face.

“Take care of yourself in training.

Dont risk your life.

Remember to bring the medicine that I left with you.”

As time passed by, the feeling of impending separation grew stronger.

It was a feeling that no one could describe.

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