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Chapter 153: The Outcome of the Investigation

Lu Xingzhi was in a great mood.

He simply sat there and listened as the elderly instructor began with his nagging again.

Occasionally, he received an ambiguous smile from the instructor.

Meanwhile, at the university, Jiang Yao stopped talking to Lu Xingzhi after reading his reply.

Instead, she took her laundry to the balcony and did her laundry while keeping Wen Xuehui company.

Although Wen Xuehui was the apple of her parents eyes, she was a very independent girl, unlike the other rich girls who were spoiled rotten due to their well-to-do background.

The Wen family had servants at home and Wen Xuehuis house was not far from the campus, but she always did her laundry at the dorm and hardly ever brought it home for the servants to wash.

At the Zhang family home, Zhang Xiqing snorted in disdain after learning the results from her mothers investigation, “I was wondering how great of a person Jiang Yaos husband must be, but he even had to borrow a car to pick her up! So tacky!”

“Your dad invited the university leaders for dinner tonight.

Dont worry, my baby, youll eventually be the freshman representative!” Mrs.

Zhang hugged her daughter dotingly.

“Xiqing, lowly people like Jiang Yao are not worth your fury.

Remember, you are the only child of the Zhang family, you are the blessed girl of heaven, how could a village girl coming out of nowhere compare to you Hmph! What did she do—she saved a man, so what Only mundane commoners will try to please others by all means.

Our precious daughter, you are blessed to be pampered and adored by others!”

“Mom, can you find out who Jiang Yaos husband is” Zhang Xiqings eyes sparkled excitedly when she heard that there was a possible change in the selection of the freshman representative.

She plunged into her mothers embrace and smiled coyly.

“Mommy, I know Daddy and you love me the most.”

“There are so many people in Nanjiang City.

We cant see his face in the photo and its very hard to find a person without a name.

If youre really curious, Ill ask that kid from the Qi family.

Im sure her husband is from an ignoble background.

Huh, if he even has to borrow a car, its not worth the effort to investigate him.”

The sports car in the photo belonged to the Qi family.


Zhang believed that she could figure out the identity of Jiang Yaos husband by asking the son of the Qi family.

Nonetheless, she didnt take him seriously.

She knew almost all of the young male offspring of the upper-class circle in Nanjiang City, but she didnt know such a person.

For a man who didnt even own a car, Mrs.

Zhang assumed that Jiang Yaos husband was a non-influential friend or subordinate of Young Master Qi.

He had probably managed to borrow a car from Young Master Qi simply because of a slightly close friendship with him.

Zhang Xiqing agreed with her mothers remarks.

She grew up in Nanjiang City and she knew all the rich people here.

It was impossible that there would be no news about this man in the upper-class circle if he was such a significant character.

Hence, Zhang Xiqing was certain that Jiang Yao and her husband were nothing but a pair of pretentious snobs.

After taking a second glance at the car in the photo, Zhang Xiqing asked for Qi Xiangs number from her mother.

She went back to her room and dialed his number.

Although the Qi family and the Zhang family were not business partners or even related, they belonged in the same social circle and they were always interacting with each other.

Nevertheless, when Qi Xiang, who was having fun with friends in the bar, received Zhang Xiqings call, he raised his eyebrows curiously.

“Oh, my, Miss Zhang, why did you call me all of a sudden Im honored.

Will wonders ever cease” Qi Xiang teased a woman beside him while talking on the phone.

The womans coy giggles made him laughed flirtatiously, completely ignoring Zhang Xiqing who was listening on over the phone.

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