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Chapter 1531: Cant Bear Another Day

After returning to her room, Jiang Yao lay on the bed in a huff.

As Lu Xingzhi entered the room, she started mumbling non-stop.

“Why is that Cheng Jinnian so annoying Ive already returned to my hometown, yet he still chased after me! Hes a little devil, yet he pretends to be a little angel in front of Mom.

Isnt he tired”

“Mom seems to like him,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Thats not true! She liked me, and when she saw that he had a face that was very similar to mine, so she loved him.

He just took advantage of that!” Jiang Yao was brazen.

“Did you see that just now When your second aunt was about to hit him, how scary was his gaze He was smart enough to avoid Moms gaze and use only one look to force your second aunt to cower.”

“My second aunt” Lu Xingzhi pinched Jiang Yaos nose.

“Your father and mother are my parents too.

But your first and second aunts are yours alone.” Jiang Yao paused for a moment before saying, “Second Uncle is my uncle, Xiaoxiao is my sister, and your sister is also my sister.

Lu Xingzhi chuckled.

“The person you hate is mine.

The person you like is ours.”

“Yes.” Jiang Yao nodded shamelessly.

“Your aunts are yours alone!”

“What about Lu Xingzhi”

He lowered his head and pressed his face against the face of the woman who was sulking on the bed.

He kissed her on the lips and asked in a seductive voice, “What about me”


Jiang Yaos eyes were curved as she wrapped her arms around Lu Xingzhis neck.

“Mine! Mine! Mine!”

She was getting more and more childish as she grew older.

Lu Xingzhi laughed in his heart.

Was a 20-year-old girl supposed to behave like that

His wife was becoming more and more like the first time they met.

Lu Xingzhi laughed.

“If you really cant stand Cheng Jinnian, you can chase him out in two days.

Mom will get tired of him in two days.

Let him follow you around these few days.

He has a small pistol, so he can be your bodyguard.

He might be more useful than Ah Lu and Big Ke.”

Cheng Jinnian was a child, so most people would not guard against such a small child.

However, Cheng Jinnian was as ruthless as an adult, perhaps even more so.

Furthermore, Cheng Jinnian could follow Jiang Yao everywhere, and he could protect her.

“If Im reduced to having a five-year-old child protect me, then you should be worried about your wifes IQ.” Jiang Yao rolled her eyes at Lu Xingzhi.

“Cheng Jinnian is smart, but how can a five-year-old be better than me Dont forget; your wife passed all the perverted tests you set up and finally became your mission partner.

Your wife is also the only non-military person in the country who received a military medal.”

Lu Xingzhi patted Jiang Yaos head and did not explain further.

“Just bear with him for two days.”

“Two days!”

Jiang Yao raised two fingers and moved them.

“I cant bear another day! Chase him out after two days!”

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