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Chapter 1525: Within Reason

Jiang Yao could feel Lu Xingzhis anger at the moment he threw the lamp.

It was very overwhelming.

She was also shocked.

It was rare for Lu Xingzhi to be so furious.

At the same time, she was also angry at Li Qings uncultured behavior.

How could she open her cousins room without knocking and shouting at his wife

Li Qings cries and Second Aunt Lies curses could be heard outside the door.

The First Aunt Li enjoyed the show as she added fuel to the fire and criticized Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yaos behavior.

Jiang Yao did not know if Lu Xingzhi could hear her in the bathroom.

Anyway, she could hear it clearly from inside the room.

Jiang Yao wanted to ask Li Qing why she would cry.

Lu Xingzhi had to get dressed hurriedly, so his body was still wet.

However, after he came out of the bathroom, he threw the dry towel on the chair and walked toward Jiang Yao.

He pulled Jiang Yao to the edge of the bed and sat her down.

Then, he walked out and stood at the door.

He did not allow anyone to go into the room.

When Second Aunt Li saw Lu Xingzhi, she put her hands on her hips and scolded him.

“How can you do that to your cousin You even threw a lamp at her.

What if she gets disfigured What if it hits her head, and she gets dumb”

“I wanted to throw it at her head,” Lu Xingzhi snorted.

“Why would she need it We need it to think, but it seems like her head is full of sh*t!”

Second Aunt Li did not expect Lu Xingzhi to scold her so bluntly.

He was the one who had done something wrong, so she was a little stunned.

Li Qing cried even louder when she heard that.

Second Aunt Li only snapped back to her senses when she heard her daughter cry.

“What do you mean Do you still think you are reasonable after hitting someone You still want to scold someone Lu Xingzhi, where are your manners Didnt your mother teach you” Second Aunt Li was furious.

If she were not afraid of Lu Xingzhis unusual personality, she would have pounced on him and hit him back.

“If you cant control your daughter, you have no right to criticize other peoples upbringing.

At least my mother didnt teach me to treat other peoples homes as my own.

I dont open doors and scold whoever I want in other peoples homes.” After Lu Xingzhi finished speaking, he looked at Li Qing.

His gaze was as sharp as a blade, piercing straight into Li Qings eyes.

“Didnt you understand me when I told you to get lost I mean, get out of my home.

I can throw you out if you dont want to do it.

Dont blame me for being impolite when I do so.”

Li Qing was still a young girl, after all.

After hearing Lu Xingzhis threats, she stared blankly at him.

When she met his eyes, she felt a chill.

A few seconds later, Li Qing sobbed again.

“Do you think I want to come here” Then, she turned around and ran downstairs, crying as she ran out of the Lu familys home.

“How can you treat your relatives like that”


Li was so angry that she stomped her feet.

“How can you talk to your family like that How can you chase away guests like that ”

“Well, now youve seen it all.”

Lu Xingzhi put his hands in his pockets and raised his head to gesture toward the stairs, indicating that the two older women should leave.

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