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Chapter 1509: Old Cat


Lu had a very strong personality.

She had never cried except for the time when she could not borrow money from her parents to bring her three sick children to the hospital.

She had cried as she held on to those children.

Besides her husband, Jiang Yao was the only other person to have wiped her tears away.

That little act softened Mrs.

Lus heart; she was unable to say more reproachful words.

Jiang Yao hummed in acknowledgment.

She took the two medals from her backpack and handed them to Mr.

and Mrs.


Then, she took Moe out of her backpack and said, “Mom, look at Moe.

He also has a medal.

He made a significant contribution to that operation too.

So, the army also gave him a medal.”

Jiang Yao had taken Moes medal, but he was unwilling to accept that.

Later, he stole it back and put it around his neck.

Jiang Yao decided to leave it when she realized how much Moe had liked that medal.


Lu knew that Jiang Yao had two cats.

One of them was called Mimi, and the other was named Moe.


Lus heart was hooked when Jiang Yao showed off her treasures.

She carried the cat that had been wearing the medal.


Lus heart softened when she saw the tiny cat.

“Hes so cute.

Let me hug him.” Mrs.

Lu took Moe from Jiang Yao.

She thought that he looked strange.

“Hes so small.

Has he just weaned How did he help in the mission”

“Hes an old cat; hes from a small breed.

It may be small, but it can be pretty fierce,” Jiang Yao said.

“Meow! Meow! Youre the old one!” Moe rolled his eyes at Jiang Yao, not very happy to pay attention to the person who commented that he was old.

Then, he acted coquettishly with Mrs.


He knew that Mrs.

Lu had excellent cooking skills, especially her braised pork belly, the love of his life.

Moe rubbed her head against Mrs.

Lus palm.

The older woman laughed.

“This cat is so smart! It can understand human language.

I think I saw him roll his eyes at you.”

That made Mrs.

Lu feel very curious.

It was rare for an animal to understand and respond to simple human language.

He even rolled his eyes at his owner to show that he was unhappy.

Jiang Yao smiled.

“Yes, he can understand me.

Hes very smart.

Thats why I brought him with me to the mission.

Hes like a military dog.

He can understand commands and some human words.

Our mission was successful because of his help.”

He had gone through the gates of hell with her.

However, Jiang Yao did not say that.

She patted Moes head, preparing to reward him.

“Mom, he likes meat.

You can cook some braised meat for him tonight.”


Other people might not believe that sentence.

Most people could not afford meat in their homes, yet they fed the cat with meat.

A wealthy familys car would always be more comfortable than a poor familys cat.

Moe wagged his tail happily.

He continued to look at Mrs.

Lu and Jiang Yao, pretending to be obedient and happy.


Lu placed the two medals on her lap and looked at them.

Even though she felt sorry for Jiang Yao and was angry at her for going on missions with Lu Xingzhi without caring about her own safety, Mrs.

Lu was still proud when she saw the two medals.

“Put those two medals in your fathers study.

If anyone asks, well tell them that you and Xingzhi fought for our country together and won that honor.

Were very proud of you both!”

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