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Chapter 1502: Second Aunt

“Thats right.

I heard that you bought many expensive clothes for her and paid for her studies.

Take a look at what kind of person she turned out to be.”

Another woman said the last sentence; she sounded younger.

Jiang Yao frowned and looked at Lu Xingzhi.

Her heart was filled with anger.

Which relative would try to sow discord with their parents with such nonsense

“Its my second aunt and her daughter.”

Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yaos hand and walked into the house.

When the two of them changed their shoes at the door, Lu Xingzhi deliberately made a noise and shouted, “Dad, Mom, Yaoyao and I are back.”


and Mrs.

Lu were angry at their unexpected guests, and they were shocked when they suddenly heard their sons voice.

“Why are you suddenly back Is Yaoyao home too” When Mr.

Lu turned around and saw Lu Xingzhi holding hands with Jiang Yao, his face lit up with joy.

Then, he nudged his wife and said, “Yaoyao and Xingzhi are back.

If theres anything, we can just ask them.”

“Of course, Its not like I will believe the words of an outsider and not my own family.” Mrs.

Lu felt that Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yaos timing was excellent.

If they had arrived a little earlier, it would have been meaningless.

If it had been a little later, she would have turned hostile and chased her second sister-in-law and niece out of the door.

“Dad, Mom.”

Jiang Yao walked into the room and glanced at the mother and daughter sitting inside.

Pretending that she did not know who those two were, she asked, “We have guests Who are they Why didnt you introduce them, Mom They look unfamiliar.

They havent been here before, right Are they your new friends”

Jiang Yao implied that those two people were outsiders, people she had not met before.


Lu felt that Jiang Yaos question had hit the nail on the head, but she still had to give a proper explanation.

“Its no surprise that you dont know them.

After all, your second aunt and cousin usually dont come to our house for no reason at all.

I dont know why theyre here today; its a rare occasion.


Lu noticed that Lu Xingzhi was carrying a lot of luggage when he entered the house.

She was a little surprised.

“Are you guys staying”

“Im going back to the army tomorrow.

Yaoyao will stay at home for a while,” Lu Xingzhi explained.

Then, he took the luggage upstairs.

The young girl was Mrs.

Lus second sister-in-laws daughter.

Her name was Li Qing.

When she saw the two newcomers, her face darkened.

She knew that they had heard what she and her mother had said.

“Shouldnt you be in school Why are you back before the summer holidays Did you do something bad and get expelled from school Many people in town are saying that you ran away with another man.

Do you still have the dignity to come back here You think my aunt and uncle are so easy to deceive”

Since her words had already offended those two people, she did not hold back.

Anyway, she felt that she was in the right.

Everyone in the town knew that Jiang Yao had pretended to go to the countryside to provide support, but in fact, she had already taken an extended leave of absence from school.

Furthermore, ever since Jiang Yao went to school, she had often taken multiple leaves of absence.

She had even taken a leave of absence for more than a month before she returned to school.

Li Qing did not mind offending such a woman.

That was her aunts house, and Jiang Yao was an outsider.

She was home, but Li Qing was sure her aunt would chase her out.

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