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Chapter 1498: Back To School

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Jiang Yao leaned into Lu Xingzhis arms and laughed so hard that her body trembled.

“Im not returning it to you! Im going to hide it.

When Im old, Ill tell my grandchildren that the cat I raised back then was awarded a military medal! These are all my glory!”

With Lu Xingzhi around, Jiang Yao knew that Moe would not resist.

Thus, she was fearless.

She felt even happier when Moe was so angry that he did not move his tail.

Jiang Yao stayed in the army for three days.

Lu Xingzhi did not have much to do during those three days and stayed at home to accompany her.

During those three days, Jiang Yao did not interact with other people in the army because Lu Xingzhi had told everyone she needed to rest.

So, no one disturbed her.

Lu Xingzhis wanted to let Jiang Yao rest well, so he was very satisfied with everyones sense of propriety.

On the fourth morning, Lu Xingzhi brought Jiang Yao back to Nanjiang City.

Jiang Yao was afraid of being bombarded by Lu Yuqing, so she did not tell her about their return.

The two of them went straight to the school when they arrived in Nanjiang City.

Professor Ouyang had not returned, but he had told the chancellor about Jiang Yaos matter.

When Jiang Yao arrived at the school, she went straight to the chancellors office to look for him.

Chancellor Wen was excited to hear about Jiang Yaos return.

Other people might not know what she had been doing during her leave of absence, but Chancellor Wen had already found out from Professor Ouyang.

So, he welcomed Jiang Yao into the office like a hero.

“Youre a role model! Im so proud!” Chancellor Wen patted Jiang Yaos shoulder several times.

He was so excited that his eyebrows kept twitching.

“Its a pity that your matter cant be made public.

Otherwise, I would have made a personal commendation meeting for you in the school! What a pity!”

“The situation is quite unique,” Lu Xingzhi said.

He did not even let her participate in the commendation meeting in Luo City—he had refused their request.

He did not want to put Jiang Yao in danger by showing her face and letting everyone know she was a heroine.

The undercover agents had to remain out of public eyes until they caught the main boss.

Chancellor Wen sighed a few times.

It was not that unreasonable to push Jiang Yao in front of the public.

Even though Jiang Yaos deeds were not publicized, it would greatly benefit the schools reputation.

However, it was also a threat to Jiang Yaos safety.

Chancellor Wen would never do that for profit; he knew between right and wrong.

“Ive discussed with the board about your application for early graduation.

Because of your special status, weve decided to give you a chance to give it a try.” Chancellor Wen and the school board agreed that it was not because Jiang Yao was a hero but because she was the Divine Doctors student.

Everyone trusted Jiang Yaos ability, even Professor Ouyang.

In other words, the school board had the same thoughts as the chancellor.

They were very willing to give Jiang Yao a chance.

If Jiang Yao could pass all the exams and graduate early, then Nanjiang Medical University would be famous all over the country.

Jindo Medical University would never catch up to them.

“You need to take care of your body.

Ive prepared those books for you.

Take them and go home.

Ill call you when the exams are ready.” Chancellor Wen took a bag from the corner.

The bag was very heavy; it had all the books he had prepared for Jiang Yao.

Then, he said, “Xuehui has been complaining about you recently..

Give her a call when youre free.”

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