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Chapter 1494: An Example

Jiang Yao watched Liang Yuezes eyebrows twitch, but she could not wait for Liang Yueze to say anything.

She continued to ask, “Big Brother, do you want to go to Sister Ruorans wedding After all, you used to share a bed together.

Sister Ruoran might be very happy if you could go and give her your blessings.”

Liang Yueze sneered.

Jiang Yao spoke with a smile that could cut, while Lu Xingzhis words would stab.

In any case, those two liked to talk to him with words that cut deep.

It seemed like they would be happy if he were upset.

“You and Lu Xingzhi are becoming more and more alike,” Liang Yueze said.

Of course, there were always similarities between husband and wife.

Jiang Yao did not mean to provoke Liang Yueze.

She just wanted to see his reaction.

However, Liang Yueze and Lu Xingzhi were great at hiding their emotions.

Therefore, if she did not know better, she would think that he did not care about Luo Ruoran at all.

“Everyone says that Xingzhis temper is the closest to yours, but I feel that it is completely different.

Let me give you an example.” Jiang Yao tilted her head and thought for a while.

“If I were to leave him and get married in such a short time, what do you think he would do”

She waited for Liang Yuezes answer.

However, he did not say anything.

He lowered his head and had no intention of answering at all.

Jiang Yao did not feel awkward either.

She said, “If Lu Xingzhi were to face such a situation, he would definitely pursue me, no matter what.

He would stop me from marrying someone else and get me back! ”

“He wouldnt have let you divorce him in the first place,” Liang Yueze finally said before he turned around and left.

Jiang Yao scratched her head.

She said, “Didnt I say it was just an example Why are you so serious Did you listen to what I said”

She had already made it so obvious; did he understand it

His moments of arrogance were poorly timed.

Jiang Yao snorted and was about to return to her room when Lu Xingzhi brought the child to her.

After he put the child in the room, Lu Xingzhi called Jiang Yao in and asked casually, “What were you and Big Brother talking about just now”

“Nothing, we were just chatting.”

Jiang Yao looked at the child sitting in front of her, who no longer seemed as mischievous as before, and asked, “Are you done talking”

Lu Xingzhi nodded, but in reality, he did not manage to get anything out of the child.

He only knew that the child was already 12 years old, but he did not get his name.

That child was not young, but he was already very cautious.

“I plan to send him to school for two years.

If hes good at his studies, well let him continue.

After graduation, he can attend the military academy and become a soldier.” Lu Xingzhi rubbed his chin and told her his plan.

He said, “He is a good child; the army will need someone like him.”

The child must not have expected such praise, so he raised his head and looked at Lu Xingzhi.

At that moment, the ruthlessness and wariness in the childs eyes dissipated, and confusion appeared.

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