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Chapter 1488: New Environment

The following day, Jiang Yao was discharged from the hospital.


Liang had been busy for the past few days and could not find the time to be there.

On the other hand, Liang Yueze was there.

He wanted to go to Lu Xingzhis new unit with Zhou Weiqi to look at the new house.

Lu Xingzhis appointment letter had been sent to the new unit before the mission.

He was no longer Sergeant Lu but Colonel Lu.

Lu Xingzhi was the youngest colonel in all the major military regions.

However, no one dared to oppose his promotion.

Even though he was young, no one could contest the contributions he had made after joining the army, and no one could compare to him.

He was a colonel, and so the house allocated to his rank was not small, indeed.

When he was finally there, he saw a large piece of empty land.

Lu Xingzhi planned to grow some vegetables and fruits that Jiang Yao liked.

The house was not small either.

There was a kitchen, three rooms, and another corner with 12 or 13 storage rooms.

Although that house had been built for more than ten years, its previous owners had modified it, so the layout was quite good.

The bathrooms were well decorated, and they even had wet and dry kitchens.

Although the floor was only covered with a layer of cement, and it was not as exquisite as the one in Jin City, Jiang Yao did not dislike the environment at all.

Liang Yueze had learned of the situation; he said, “The house next door belongs to a colonel from the 3rd Regiment.

Hes quite old and cant be promoted anymore.

Hell probably retire in a few years.

His surname is Ye.

Hes 42 years old.

His family has some connections in the area, but theyre not very useful.

He has a daughter and two sons.”

Lu Xingzhi knew that; if the mans connections were helpful, he would have been able to do more before he was 42 years old.

That meant the connections in Ye Tuans family could only help him so much.

If he did not have the chance to rise in the next few years, he would have to retire and give up the position of colonel to someone else.

“Ye Tuan has a daughter who is 22 years old.

She is a teacher at an elementary school in the city.

His eldest son is 19 years old.

He is looking for connections to get him into a university.

Those two children were born to Ye Tuans first wife.

Later, his wife died unexpectedly.

Ten years ago, he married a wife who was ten years younger than him and gave birth to a son.

His youngest son is only seven years old.

His wife is from an ordinary family.

His father-in-law and daughter work at the same school.

His mother-in-law is not in good health and does not have a job.”

Liang Yueze told Lu Xingzhi because they were his neighbors.

They had the same military rank and position, so it was inevitable that they would compete with each other.

Liang Yueze also told Lu Xingzhi that he had to guard against that person, but he did not need to put too much effort into it.

After all, there was a massive difference in strength between him and Lu Xingzhi, so he would not be able to compete for Lu Xingzhis promotion.

The special forces did not accept too many people, so Lu Xingzhi was the only colonel on the team.

He was the highest-ranking officer in that team too.

Lu Xingzhi had accomplished so much at such a young age.

When he arrived in a military region where no one knew him, everyone stared at him.

Many people wanted to be in Lu Xingzhis position.

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