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Chapter 1487: The Nations Luck

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Professor Ouyang snorted and sat down on an empty chair.

“Its a scam! You dont do your job properly, but you stink of money!”

Ouyang Chenrui said, “Huancheng is a new company.

It is still young, and there are not a lot of professional investment companies in the country right now.

However, Huancheng is not a new company abroad.

We have been established for many years, and were quite well-known in the international financial circle.

Were interested in expanding, so we opened a new branch here.

We have a lot of businesses; a company in Xiang City has been one of our long-term customers, and I also have a share in that company.”

“Not interested.” Lu Xingzhi handed a menu to Professor Ouyang, completely ignoring Ouyang Chenrui, who talked with ease.

Then, he gave another menu to Jiang Yao, who did not seem to understand much about the conversation.


Ouyang Chenrui did not feel awkward, but Professor Ouyang said disdainfully, “Embarrassing!”

Ouyang Chenrui was still smiling.

After sitting down, he continued to say, “By the way, I seem to have forgotten to introduce my companys location.

This is my business card!”

Ouyang Chenrui took a few business cards from his pocket and gave them to Jiang Yao and Zhou Weiqi.

He did not give one to Lu Xingzhi but still pretended to say, “Oops, I did not bring enough.

Sorry, Sergeant Lu.”

If Lu Xingzhi believed Ouyang Chenrui, he would be a retard.

The sneaky man obviously did it on purpose.

“Nanjiang City Your company is in Nanjiang City” Zhou Weiqi cried out in surprise.

Then, he subconsciously looked at Lu Xingzhi and thought,Oh no, Lu Xingzhi seems to have met a strong enemy.

Lu Xingzhis eyebrows twitched.

He was unsure if Ouyang Chenrui had chosen the city for his father or some other reason.

When Jiang Yao had chosen the dishes, Lu Xingzhi asked Professor Ouyang for his choices again.

Then, he ordered the food with the waiter.

After the waiter had left, Lu Xingzhi looked at the person sitting opposite him and said, “Captain Hao said that Mr.

Ouyang had studied in a military academy before.”

“I studied there for a semester.

Later, I felt that it was not suitable for me, so I dropped out midway and went abroad to study economics.”

Just as Ouyang Chenrui was about to continue flaunting his academic qualifications, he heard a sarcastic remark from the other side.

“How fortunate for the army and our nation.”

Those words were like a sword that cut Ouyang Chenruis throat before he could say anything.

Jiang Yao almost could not hold back her laughter as she heard that.

Although Lu Xingzhi was a man of few words, it was always a surprise when he attacked other people.

Professor Ouyang looked at his son and laughed unkindly, showing no intention of helping him.

“He means that you not joining the army is our nations luck.

To put it simply, he thinks that you are a piece of trash.” Zhou Weiqi meant well with those words.

He thought he should translate for Lu Xingzhi.

“I dont need you to translate.” It seemed like Lu Xingzhi understood his intention.

No matter how frustrated Ouyang Chenrui was at Lu Xingzhis words, he did not get angry..

Zhou Weiqi witnessed just how shameless a person could be.

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