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Chapter 1483: As Long As Its Clean

However, Luo Ruoran was unwilling.

If her parents dared to reveal to the Liang family that she was pregnant, then she would immediately abort the child.

That threat had worked; Luo Ruorans parents were frightened.

Of course, they were also furious.

However, Luo Ruoran insisted on having the child herself and raising the baby herself.

She even came up with a complete plan.

Her parents finally agreed.

Luo Ruoran was the Luo familys only daughter.

She had been pampered since she was young and was very proud.

She was pregnant, but she was unwilling to tell the Liang family.

Her parents could guess something—Liang Yueze must have initiated the divorce.

Therefore, their daughter would not want to take him back.


and Mrs.

Luo regretted raising their daughter into such a proud woman.

Luo Ruoran suddenly asked, “Does he know Did he say anything”

Jiang Yao said, “He probably doesnt know yet.

Hes been helping Uncle Liang recently and is a little busy.

Hes not in Jindo City, so he doesnt know yet.”

Then, Jiang Yao asked again, “You really want to know about his reaction What do you expect to see Sadness Agony Regret Ill tell you when I know.”

“No need, I dont want to know anymore.

I was just asking casually,” Luo Ruoran quickly denied it.

Then, the two of them talked about their lives on the phone.

Luo Ruoran said a few cool things over the phone when she learned that Jiang Yao had replaced Chen Feitang and became Lu Xingzhis partner in his last mission.

“Later, when I arrived in Lu City, I replaced her job.

She returned to the team early, which was equivalent to quitting the mission ahead of time.” Jiang Yao was beaming with pride when she talked about that.

“Im going to start worshiping you now! Its such a pity that I missed Chen Feitangs expression!” Luo Ruoran had turned into a fan.

Before she met Jiang Yao, Luo Ruoran and Chen Feitang had a good relationship.

After all, they grew up in the same place, and there were not many girls their age at the place they grew up.

Even though they were not particularly close, they would still smile at each other whenever they met.

When she learned of Chen Feitangs actions, Luo Ruorans impression of her had also changed.

She was ashamed of many of Chen Feitangs actions.

She also had a better relationship with Jiang Yao, so she tended to lean toward her friend.

Lu Xingzhi returned in the evening.

He even made a few phone calls to ask Jiang Yao about the color and pattern of the cutleries she liked.

It seemed that he was already tidying the house.

When he was back, Lu Xingzhi described the houses general environment to Jiang Yao.

“The new house hasnt been built yet.

Its now a family house according to military ranks.

Ive been assigned to a separate courtyard for now.

Its an old house, but its very clean and looks new.

Some parts of the house were repainted a few months ago.

It has white walls, so its clean and neat.

“Clean is good; I dont have any other requirements.

Furthermore, its a temporary residence, so there is no need to spend so much money on cleaning.”

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