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Chapter 1479: I Was Anxious

Jiang Yao was also shocked.

She lowered her head to take off her mask when she was picked up in a princess carry.

She did not need to look to know that it was Lu Xingzhi, who had been waiting anxiously outside.

“Put me down.

There are so many people here!” Jiang Yaos face was burning red, especially when she saw the teasing eyes of young doctors and nurses.

She did not know where to look to keep the humiliation at bay.

“Ill carry you back to the ward to rest.”

Lu Xingzhi wanted to know the result, but he also wanted Jiang Yao to have a good rest.

When she came out, her steps had been unsteady.

It was obvious that she was exhausted.

After all, her body had not recovered fully yet.

She wanted to be discharged from the hospital to go home, so she pretended to be brave and performed the surgery.

Professor Ouyang and Zhou Weiqi followed the two people to Jiang Yaos ward.

Zhou Weiqi immediately acted like a nimble waiter and handed Jiang Yao some food.

“Jiang Yao, you must be starving, right Wash your hands for lunch.

Fortunately, this insulated box is great.

The food is still warm.”

Then, he looked back at Professor Ouyang and asked, “Why did you follow us If there are any problems, we must wait for Jiang Yao to eat and rest first.

After washing her hands, Lu Xingzhi helped Jiang Yao out of the bathroom.

She turned to look at Professor Ouyang and said, “We will only know about the results in two days.”

She had just finished the surgery, so naturally, the effect could not be seen immediately.

It would take a certain amount of time to wait for the anesthesia to pass.

“He might wake up in 48 hours, or perhaps 72 hours.

However, if hes not awake in 96 hours, then theres no hope that he will ever wake up.

Professor Ouyang, youve been waiting for the whole morning.

Go and have something to eat.

Youre a doctor, so you should know more than anyone else that its important to eat three meals on time,” Jiang Yao said.

Professor Ouyang knew that; every doctor did.

He was only anxious to see if the Divine Doctors student could create a miracle.

However, Professor Ouyang still admired Jiang Yao for completing the surgery by herself.

He did not know if he had the qualifications to teach her should she ever come to him for the postgraduate entrance examination.

After all, she had the Divine Doctor as her teacher.

“I was too impatient.”

Professor Ouyang snorted in embarrassment.

“You should rest after eating, too.

I shall leave first.”

She did not have much strength to see Professor Ouyang off, so she could only watch him leave.

While they were talking, Zhou Weiqi had already set the bowls and chopsticks for the two of them.

Then, he dragged a chair beside Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi and watched them eat.

Zhou Weiqi knew that Jiang Yao should eat some easily digestible seafood, so he went to the market early in the morning to buy the freshest and largest shrimp.

He looked at the pile of shrimp shells beside Lu Xingzhi, then at the mountain of shrimp meat in Jiang Yaos bowl, and sighed.

“Big Brother and Sister-in-law used to act like that when they ate last time.

If I took the shrimp he peeled for her, she would beat me to death.

Big Brother would kill me with his eyes.”

Then, he sighed again.

“I guess I cant call her Sister-in-law anymore.

I have to change the way I address her.

I finally got used to calling her sister-in-law, but I guess I have to call her by her name again.

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