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Chapter 1477: Sister-in-law Is Getting Married Again

The women wanted to find a man like Captain Lu, who doted on his wife.

No matter how indifferent he was to outsiders, he always doted on his wife.

The men wanted to find a wife like Dr.

Jiang, who was beautiful, gentle, and studious.

No matter how hard they worked in the hospital every day, as long as they had a wife at home who smiled at them when they returned home, then they probably would not be tired at all.

The elderly head nurse thought to herself,Those people have such high expectations.

They deserve to be alone for now.

Lets see how many people like Dr.

Jiang and Sergeant Lu can exist in this world.”

“No, no.

We know that Dr.

Jiang is doing everything she can for our childs sake.” Xiao Zhangs parents repeatedly waved their hands and shook their heads as they promised.

They kept thanking the nurse even though Dr.

Jiangs husband was next to them.

Lu Xingzhi was not in the mood to deal with Xiao Zhangs parents, so he only grunted a greeting.

He was worried about whether Jiang Yao would be able to withstand the surgery.

After all, her injuries had not fully recovered yet, and performing surgery was something that could take a lot out of a persons physical and mental strength.

Lu Xingzhi knew that it was not easy to perform a craniotomy.

Jiang Yao had told him that it might take a long time, but the longer he waited, the more anxious he became.

At times like that, he thought he did not want her to be so outstanding and capable.

The more a person knew, the more responsibility they would have to bear.

He hoped that she would live a relaxed and comfortable life.

When Zhou Weiqi delivered lunch at noon, Jiang Yao had not yet come out of the operating theater.

The man carried the lunch boxes and walked to the operating theater.

Then, he threw the lunch boxes at Lu Xingzhi and looked at the operating theater.

He looked like he wanted to say something, but he hesitated.

“I dont think Jiang Yao will be done so quickly.

Why dont you eat first” Zhou Weiqi was trying to find something to say because he knew that Lu Xingzhi would not do that.

“Take it to the room and leave it there.”

Lu Xingzhi pinched his brows.

He noticed Zhou Weiqis expression; the man clearly had something to say.

“What is it”

Zhou Weiqi retracted his hand that was holding the lunch boxes.

He scratched his head with his other hand and chuckled.

However, after he finished laughing, his expression sobered as if he knew that his following words were not funny at all.

His face turned bitter.

Zhou Weiqis voice was very soft.

“Chen Xuyao just called me to say that Luo Ruoran is getting married again.

He heard it from her parents.

They will go abroad in a few days to attend her wedding.

Her mother said that she is marrying someone from the new company.

Hes a senior company executive, and its his first marriage.”

After saying that, Zhou Weiqi snorted.

“How can she remarry just like that If she remarries, what will happen to our big brother”

Lu Xingzhi finally realized why Zhou Weiqi looked like that; it was not good news.”

Even though he could hurt Liang Yueze, he could not bear to hear the news of Luo Ruoran remarrying.

Although Liang Yueze and Luo Ruoran had divorced, he knew that Liang Yueze still thought about her.

“Big Brother probably doesnt know that news yet.

We did not dare to tell him either, but we will return to Jindo City in a few days.

He has to know about this.”

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