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Chapter 1474: The Dream Of Being A General

“How foolish.” Lu Xingzhi loved that Jiang Yao put him first in her life, thinking and planning for him wholeheartedly.

Perhaps she knew, or maybe she did not know, how much the things she had done meant to him and how much they had helped his future.

Regardless of whether she understood, her intention still moved him.

“Im not stupid.

Besides wanting to help those poor people, I also want to do this with you.

After that undercover operation, I know that Im still not as good as the soldiers, no matter how good I think I am.

If it were not for my good luck, I wouldnt have lasted until now.

I know myself well now.

In that aspect, I cant fight side by side with you, but I can walk side by side with you in another aspect.

We walk on different paths, but we have the same destination.”

She was on the same journey with him, through another way.

She knew that he was a man with great ambition, a man with a bright future, and an ambitious man.

He had given up his future and suppressed his ambition for her in the past.

So, she was willing to help him fulfill his dream of becoming a general.

The ward suddenly became very quiet, so quiet that only their breathing could be heard.

The two people hugged each other so tightly that they could feel each others heartbeats.

Thump, thump!

The heartbeats were so powerful, so clear.

It turned out that she knew everything.

Just because she did not say anything did not mean she did not know about it.

She had kept his dreams so carefully.

How lucky he was to have had such a good woman to protect his dreams and future so wholeheartedly!

“Jiang Yao, do you believe that I can give you a life that people would envy one day Because of me, and also because of you.” Lu Xingzhi gently stroked the hair behind her ear.

“One day, I will let the whole world know that you, Jiang Yao, are my wife.

One day, I will let the whole world connect our names closely.”

One day, when someone thought of Lu Xingzhi, they would also think of his wife, Jiang Yao.

One day, when someone thought of Jiang Yao, they would definitely think of her husband, Lu Xingzhi.

He would no longer be as secretive as he had been, afraid that he would not be able to protect her when he revealed her name.

One day, he would let everyone in the world respect, fear, and look up to Jiang Yao as soon as they heard her name.

He had ambitions, but all his aspirations were to protect a person named Jiang Yao for the rest of her life.

“Im waiting for that day.” Jiang Yao used all her strength to hug him back.

It was a short sentence.

She did not reply perfunctorily or cautiously.

Her reply was calm, as if she firmly believed that the day would come.

With the arrest of Brother Ding, Sister Wen, and Wen Yunfang, many people were sleepless at night.

Brother Ding could have done so much about the local governments inaction and even the involvement of individual officials.

The news report had requested the victims to bravely report and identify the people involved with the group.

However, the results were not satisfactory.

It was especially bad in Lu City.

Who would want to know about the girl who had been rescued from the nightclub Who had been trapped in a wolfs den and forced to be humiliated with no dignity left

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