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Chapter 1472: Ambition

“You Why dont you do it yourself Or perhaps your teacher” Professor Ouyang kept urging Jiang Yao to let the Divine Doctor deal with that personally.

“Professor Ouyang, do you only want to see the Divine Doctor Do you think he doesnt know that Why do you keep urging Jiang Yao to find her teacher Jiang Yaos medical skills are also excellent! If she says that she can do it, she can do it.

She will definitely discuss it with the Divine Doctor, so even if her teacher comes, he will still let her deal with the case.”

Other people might not know the Divine Doctors identity, but Zhou Weiqi did.

He had to protect Jiang Yao.

Professor Ouyang did not feel embarrassed even after Zhou Weiqi exposed his intention.

Instead, he glared at the man and scolded him.

“Why do you need to speak so much”

He saw Lu Xingzhi when he raised his head, so he did not enter the room.

He turned to Jiang Yao and said, “Alright then, you should rest well for the next few days.”

Then, Professor Ouyang left happily.

He had behaved less like a strict teacher and more like an indulgent and shameless man.

“Since Lu Xingzhi is back, Ill leave as well.

Ill go to the market to buy fish.

Its still early.

Ill cook some soup for you.” Zhou Weiqi pushed Jiang Yao toward Lu Xingzhi and continued to say, “Here, Ill leave Jiang Yao with you.

Im leaving now.

If you have anything you want to eat, give me a call.”

“Okay.” Lu Xingzhi nodded with a pleasing expression.

Then, he bent down and picked Jiang Yao up, placing her on the bed.

“I can handle this.

Just now, I went to see Zhou Junmin and Xiao Zhang.

Its a bit far, so Zhou Weiqi found me a wheelchair to push me around,” Jiang Yao said.

However, her hand was still wrapped around Lu Xingzhis neck naturally.

When she returned to the bed, she retracted her hand and continued to ask, “Why are you back so early Is everything alright at the station”

“Yes, I can stay in the hospital to take care of you for the rest of the day.

When youre discharged, Ill return to the team.” Jiang Yaos injury was due to work.

Therefore, as her husband, Lu Xingzhi, had the privilege of accompanying Jiang Yao at the hospital and returning to the team after she was discharged.

He did not need to return to the team as soon as the mission was over.

That was also the special care that the army gave to the couple.

“How are Zhou Junmin and Xiao Zhang doing I heard that you want to perform a craniotomy on Xiao Zhang.” Lu Xingzhi did not know much about the medical field, but he could understand what a craniotomy meant.

In any case, it was a craniotomy.

That was what it meant.

There was no difference.

“Yes, Xiao Zhang is in his current state mainly because of his brain.

However, the human brain is a particularly magical place.

Until now, no one has been able to study the brain entirely.

The brain is the place that can create miracles, but it is also the place that can shock people the most.

I am not confident that I can get Xiao Zhang to wake up, but the worst-case scenario is the same vegetative state, so I want to give it a try.

“As for Zhou Junmin, if I had helped him with the surgery in the beginning, it would have allowed him to recover faster, and he would have suffered less during the recovery period.

Unfortunately, I was also being resuscitated when he was in surgery, so I missed the best window for him to receive treatment.

Even though I can still perform another surgery on him now, it will cause him to suffer a great loss of vitality.

He would have to suffer again.”

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