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Chapter 1471: Placement Difficulties

Furthermore, the children had been rescued with great difficulty, but their biological parents could not be found.

That made people very anxious.

“Isnt a DNA paternity test available now” Lu Xingzhi remembered Jiang Yao had mentioned that technology.

“Each province can send documents to cities, counties, towns, and even villages.

If any family has lost a child, they can contact the local government and get the government to help them register the gender, age, and characteristics of the lost child.

If there are any possible matches, they can send the parents DNA samples and the childs for paternity testing.

After confirming the relationship, the government can send the child back to the parents.”

“Ive also heard of DNA identification technology.

It seems to have just been imported from abroad.

I heard that only one hospital in the country has it.

Its all over the country, and it takes a long time and costs a lot of money.

Im afraid that the higher-ups wont approve it.” Captain Haos words were very practical.

After all, he did not have the final say in the finances.

“The most important thing is that there are only a hundred or so now.

However, as rescue work goes deeper, there will only be more and more children like that in the future.

Human trafficking is a severe problem in our country, so now that the crackdown has been intensified, it was not surprising that the number of victims would increase to 10,000 in the future.

“Im a soldier, not a politician.

For the time being, Captain Hao, I cant give you answers to those questions.” Lu Xingzhi raised his eyebrows.

If he were in charge of the countrys finances, if he had the power to manage where the money would be spent, he would allocate a portion of the funds to help those people.

However, that was not his job.

He could not influence those things, so those problems were not things that he could solve.

He gave suggestions that he felt were feasible.

As for what the people in the higher-ups would decide after Captain Hao submitted that suggestion, he could not interfere.

That world was not black and white.

There were things that people who were not in that position would not understand.

Captain Hao only complained to Lu Xingzhi, but he did not think Lu Xingzhi could solve it.

It was useless to even talk to Chief Liang about that matter, let alone Lu Xingzhi.

“Your mission has ended.

When your wife is discharged from the hospital, you should be able to return to the team, right Even though the operation wasnt perfect, we have decided to hold a small commendation ceremony.

You and your wife will have a part in it!” Captain Hao patted Lu Xingzhis shoulder and said, “The two of you will attend the commendation ceremony together.

The two of you are the role models of the police force!”

“Oh.” Lu Xingzhis reaction was icy.

“Thats fine.

Im going back to the hospital.”

There was not a hint of pride or excitement on his face.

Without waiting for Captain Haos reply, Lu Xingzhi turned around and walked out of the door.

When Lu Xingzhi returned to the hospital, Jiang Yao was not in the ward.

After waiting two minutes, Zhou Weiqi pushed Jiang Yao back to the room.

At the same time, Professor Ouyang came in.

Listening to the content of the conversation between Professor Ouyang and Jiang Yao, it seemed like they were talking about Xiao Zhangs condition.

“My body hasnt recovered yet, and I dont have enough stamina to support a craniotomy, so Ill have to wait about a week.”

Jiang Yao did not notice the additional person in the ward.

When Zhou Weiqi pushed her into the room, she was talking to Professor Ouyang, with her head tilted upward.

“Theres no guarantee that the craniotomy will wake him up, but the worst-case scenario is still a vegetative state, so I think its worth a try.

Theres a 50 percent chance, so we can give it a try.”

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