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Chapter 1470: Escaped

Zhou Weiqi did not leave immediately, knowing that Lu Xingzhi was going to the police station after dinner.

Instead, he stayed in the ward to accompany Jiang Yao.

Many people in the police station worked through the night.

When Lu Xingzhi walked into the office, the smell of coffee assailed his nostrils.

There was a cup of coffee on everyones table.

“Sergeant Lu, youre here” The person sitting closest to the door was the first to notice Lu Xingzhi.

It was very strange.

Lu Xingzhi was clearly from the army to assist in the work and was not their leader.

However, when they saw Lu Xingzhi, they were even more nervous than when they saw their captain.

“Sergeant Lu, do you want coffee Weve been working all night, so everyone needs to be alert, right”

“Please help yourself.” Lu Xingzhi was not stupid enough to think that those people would know that he would be there that morning, so naturally, they would not have his share of coffee.

They just wanted to make sure that he had one.

They were so nervous that they did not know where to put their hands and feet.

That was why they did not have anything to say.

After exchanging some pleasantries, Lu Xingzhi walked into the office and went to look for Captain Hao.

Captain Hao was on the phone with someone when Lu Xingzhi walked in.

He raised his eyes and looked in the direction of the door.

Then, he pointed at the chair opposite him and gestured for Lu Xingzhi to sit down.

After waiting for a few minutes, Captain Hao hung up the phone.

He yawned and asked, “Hows the situation at the hospital Its been so many days, and we dont have time to go to the hospital to visit them.”

Lu Xingzhi answered, “Except for Xiao Zhang, the others are all stabilized.”

“Wheres your wife When can she be discharged”

“I dont know yet.” Lu Xingzhi did not want to talk to Captain Hao about that, so he did not have much patience and asked what he wanted to know directly.

“How much did you find out about Ah Das sister”

It had been one night.

If they were fast enough, they should have found out everything.

“Nothing good, but its within our expectations.” Captain Hao handed a piece of paper to Lu Xingzhi and said, “The exit record shows that she left the country two days ago and entered YN.

Now, we are seeking help from YN to help us capture her.

However, YNs attitude is a bit perfunctory and ambiguous.

They havent given us an accurate answer yet.”

Ah Da had already been captured for so many days.

Naturally, the boss had been prepared to escape.

It would be difficult to catch her when she was out of the country.

“Even though the big boss has yet to be caught and she escaped, that gang has been successfully destroyed.

You cant guess how many victims we have rescued so far, right More than 500 people have been successfully rescued in just a few days.

Other than the women and children who had been sold to the countryside, there were also young girls who had been forced to work in various sex trades.

In total, we saved more than 500 people.

However, we have a problem.

Among the 500 people, there were more than 100 young children.

Some of those children had been rescued from the human traffickers, some were sold, and some had been abducted and sold at a very young age.

They had been away from home for many years.

However, because of their young age, they could not remember their family members, so they had a problem with placement.”

There were more than 100 children—it was a huge pressure for the orphanage.

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