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Chapter 1465: Not Surprised

“Yan Zi is the boss woman.

Who says that the boss cant be a woman When did you become so ignorant” Lu Xingzhi chuckled.

Even though homosexuality was rare, it did not mean it did not exist.

That man had started to criticize him again.

Liang Yueze curled the corners of his lips and chuckled.

That was not only rare; it was also shocking.

“The information about Ah Das sister showed that her personality was like a man, so it shouldnt be surprising.”

Lu Xingzhis mood was much better.

There was a flash of a smile in his eyes, but the words that came out of his mouth were not pleasant.

“It seems that your divorce has had a great impact on your IQ!”

After saying that, Lu Xingzhi took the documents and left.

It seemed like he was preparing to return to the detention center to test his idea.

It was not that Liang Yueze was ignorant, but Lu Xingzhi was a soldier and had carried out countless missions.

He had seen all kinds of strange people and things in the places he had been to.

Therefore, it was easier for him to connect the dots than Liang Yueze.

Half an hour later, Lu Xingzhi reached the detention center alone.

His mood was much better.

Obviously, he was satisfied with the information he had gotten in the past half hour.

“Where is Ah Das sister now She is the boss behind that group!” Lu Xingzhi threw the information about Ah Das sister to the police officers, then headed upstairs, ready to report to Chief Liang.

It was a significant discovery, so the police officers, who had been in a depressed mood for a long time, suddenly became excited.

Everyone was full of energy.

After Lu Xingzhi finished his report, he went downstairs.

He went back to his office to get his car keys and was ready to go back to the hospital.

When he saw Liang Yueze, he said, “Arent you going back to the hotel”

“Are you going back to the hospital now” Liang Yueze asked.

“Yes, I havent seen her for a whole day.” Lu Xingzhi did not hide his concern and longing for Jiang Yao at all.

Liang Yueze shot a cold glance at Lu Xingzhi before he walked around him and left.

It took a lot of time for Lu Xingzhi to get from the station to the hospital.

By the time he reached Jiang Yaos ward, it was almost two oclock.

Jiang Yao woke up the moment Lu Xingzhi entered the room.

She had been waiting for him the whole night.

“Did I wake you up” Lu Xingzhis voice was soft, but there was a sound when he opened the door.

He noticed Jiang Yao standing up and staring at him when he walked in.

He thought that he had woken her up.


Jiang Yao shook her head and then gestured to Lu Xingzhi to sit.

“Wait a minute, Im going to take a shower first.

I smell bad.” Lu Xingzhi closed the door and walked over.

He lowered his head and pecked her lips lightly.

His heart softened when he saw her act coquettishly.

It seemed that she really missed him.

After taking a shower, the first thing Lu Xingzhi did when he lay beside Jiang Yao was to hug her in his arms.

Then, he shared the good news with Jiang Yao.

“Weve found the boss identity.

Yes, its Ah Das biological sister.”

“So its his biological sister.

No wonder Ah Da is so protective of that boss identity.” Jiang Yao was shocked at first, then came to a realization.

No wonder Ah Da had refused to tell them anything.

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