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Chapter 1463: Starting To Complain

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“Well talk about it in the future.

Right now, she doesnt have time to spare.” Lu Xingzhi helped Jiang Yao reject her.

Jiang Yao needed to recuperate.

Furthermore, Jiang Yao did not help Ding Xiaomei just for the woman to thank her.

Ding Xiaomei understood the meaning of the mans rejection.

She felt a little regretful, but she did not think too much about it.

After saying goodbye, she carried her child and followed the police officer into the room.

After leaving the detention center, Lu Xingzhi and Liang Yueze went straight to the office.

Lu Xingzhi poured two glasses of water, handed one to Liang Yueze, and drank the other one himself.

Liang Yueze said, “It seems that Ah Da wants his bosss woman to take the blame.

Hes pretty smart.”

Without a doubt, Lu Xingzhi and Liang Yueze had chosen to believe in Brother Jing instead of Ah Da.

Lu Xingzhi had a lot of doubts when he heard Ah Da say that the boss was in his thirties.

However, Ah Das identity must be real.

After all, Ah Da was a smart man; he knew that a lie needed to be part of a truth to cover it up.

“Why are you still here at this time of night” Lu Xingzhi saw Liang Yueze drink a cup of water before he dragged a chair to sit down, so he looked at Liang Yueze in confusion.

“Why do you have so much free time Have you shut down your company”

Liang Yueze could not be bothered with Lu Xingzhi.

He lowered his head and drank his water.

Then, he took a cigarette and was ready to smoke it.

He asked, “Do you want one”

Lu Xingzhi shook his head.

“Im going back to the hospital in a while.

I will smell like cigarettes.

She doesnt like it.”

“Only Jiang Yao can control you like this.”

Liang Yueze knocked on the table with the cigarette case.

He seemed to have thought of something.

Then, he put the cigarette case back into his pocket.

“Why dont you smoke Sister-in-law has divorced you, and no one cares about you,” Lu Xingzhi asked.

Liang Yuezes eyelids twitched.

That guy was in a bad mood, so he started to complain.

Did he provoke him So much that he would stab his brother in the heart like that

The two of them sat in the office to kill time.

Lu Xingzhi was in a bad mood, and Liang Yueze did not provoke him anymore.

Even though it was already very late, the police station was still brightly lit.

In the past few days, most of the people in the station had been working overtime, and some have even worked all through the night.

“Sergeant Lu! Sergeant Lu! Weve found Ah Das information!”

When the clock struck 12, the police officers rushed into the room.

“This is Ah Das information.

It matches the photo on his ID card.

Its him! And thats information about Ah Das family.

His parents died in an accident in the early years.

He still has some relatives in his old home.

The news came from the local police station, where Ah Da is registered.

He also has a sister who is a few years older than him.

After his parents passed away, his sister took him to the city to earn a living.

He hasnt returned to his old home for decades.”

“Is his sister still alive”

Lu Xingzhi took the information and quickly flipped through it.

“Theres no information on that, so she should still be alive.

His sister was married, and not long after that, she ran away with Ah Da from her husbands house.

After that, the two siblings never returned to their hometown.”

As the police officer spoke, he clicked on a photo of Ah Das sister.

“The people in the town say that Ah Das sister is the eldest daughter.

She has always been strong and wild like a boy.

She had short hair, and people who didnt know would think they were two brothers.

When she was 15 or 16 years old, she even pretended to be a boy and went to the construction site to earn money.

Look at the photo on her ID card..

Her hair is so short that she really looks like a man.”

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