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Chapter 1462: Its Obvious

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“Do you think Brother Jing lied, or Ah Da did” Lu Xingzhi looked at Liang Yueze.

Liang Yueze smiled.

“Its obvious.

Do you really need to guess”

“It seems like Ah Da really does think highly of his boss!” Lu Xingzhi sneered.

“He might have already confessed, but he still thought of a way to protect his boss.

Hes half alive now.

Lets go and see Brother Jing again.”

Lu Xingzhi took the papers in Liang Yuezes hands and left the interrogation room first.

Then, he led Liang Yueze to where Brother Jing was imprisoned.

A few days ago, Brother Jing was still dressed luxuriously.

Once he took off those clothes, he squatted in the corner of the shabby detention room, no different from a beggar on the side of the road.

Lu Xingzhi glanced at Brother Jing, then raised his hand and knocked on the iron window.

He called Brother Jing to the door and asked, “Have you seen a tall, thin woman in her thirties, about 1.6 meters tall, with long hair Her name is Yan Zi.”

At that point, there was no need for Brother Jing to hide anything else anymore.

Therefore, when he heard Lu Xingzhis question, he began to think carefully.

About a minute later, Brother Jing said, “I dont know her name, but she seems to be very similar to the woman whos always with the boss.

Shes in her thirties and has big breasts, but she looks tall and thin.

Ive seen her with the boss before.

She should be the boss woman.

She helped the boss send us a message a few times, but I dont know her name.

But she has been with the boss for many years.”

After Brother Jing finished speaking, he looked at the officer at the door and wondered what he was thinking.

He quickly asked, “I have cooperated with you.

Will the court still sentence me to death ”

“That depends on how many useful clues you can provide us in the next few days.”

Lu Xingzhi turned around and left.

He despised Brother Jing more than Ah Zhu.

Brother Jing was afraid of death.

With what he had done, he should have been prepared to risk his life.

When Lu Xingzhi was about to leave, he saw Ding Xiaomei carrying a child.

When she saw him, she subconsciously called out to him.

Only then did she realize that she must have called out the wrong person.

She smiled embarrassedly.

She said, “Sir!”

Ding Xiaomei was there to see Brother Ding.

She knew that the man was not seriously injured, as they had transferred him from the hospital to the detention center.

“Youre here to see Brother Ding”

Lu Xingzhis attitude toward Ding Xiaomei was not bad because he admired a woman like her.

Very few people could truly be as kind and righteous as Ding Xiaomei.

When Ding Xiaomei first went to Brother Ding, she secretly gave him a few account books stolen from Brother Dings study.

After Brother Ding was arrested, Ding Xiaomei helped to persuade him to cooperate with the interrogation.

“Yes, Im here to let this child see his grandfather.

He doesnt know that he has a grandson.” Ding Xiaomei patted the childs head, her face full of motherly love.

“Im preparing to go back to my hometown tomorrow and pick up my family.

No matter how many mistakes he made in the past, its all over now.

I should let the family see him.

Its a pity that my brothers whereabouts are still unknown.

Otherwise, my family would finally be reunited.

Lu Xingzhi nodded, then turned to make way for Ding Xiaomei.

Ding Xiaomei walked a few steps forward before she turned around and asked, “Sir, can I see the doctor I want the child to thank her personally.”

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