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Chapter 1452: Death

“I did get some rest.” In fact, he did not rest for even a second, but there was no need to bring that up to make Jiang Yao worry.

Lu Xingzhi did not get onto the hospital bed.

His clothes were not clean, and he was afraid that Jiang Yaos immunity was low, so he kept a certain distance from her.

Jiang Yao saw Lu Xingzhi shaking his head and thought that he would leave after a while, so she was concerned about the interrogation.

“Didnt you say that youve caught Ah Da Did you get any useful information The capture was too high-profile, so the boss must have known about it and escaped.

We still dont know who the boss is.”

The mission was not as complete as they had hoped.

Sergeant Ges appearance had ruined the entire plan, exposing all the undercover agents in front of the group.

The other party had fled, and some had been arrested.

However, they had not discovered the boss before he escaped.

Lu Xingzhi said, “Ah Da did not say anything.

If we continue to interrogate him, he probably wont be able to hold on.

Hell confess sooner or later.”

Not letting Ah Da sleep was just the beginning.

Lu Xingzhi had not used any torture tactics on him.

They had to do one step at a time.

When Ah Da was exhausted, it would be much easier to conquer him.

“What kind of situation do you think would make Ah Da be on his guard” Jiang Yao asked.

“Is it because that boss is holding Ah Das family hostage”

“Ah Das identity is still being investigated.

The previous information is incomplete.

Brother Jing said that he had never heard Ah Da mention anything about his wife, children, or family during his interactions with him.

Brother Jing also thought that Ah Da doesnt have a wife or children.”

Only when they were discussing work would Lu Xingzhi talk as much as he usually did when he was with Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao quietly listened to Lu Xingzhi talk.

“If Ah Da did not have a wife and child, then its possible that he is still protective of that boss.

Ah Da has a very good relationship with his boss, so he might know a lot about that man.

In Brother Jings statement, he said he saw Ah Da meet the boss in private many times.” That was Lu Xingzhis guess.

Ah Das protective attitude toward the boss made Lu Xingzhi have some speculations in his heart.

Was Ah Da the same boss they were looking for

Sergeant Ge had saved Ah Da, so he was placed in an important position.

Furthermore, he saw the boss more often than Brother Jing.

After being apprehended, Ah Da said that he would rather die than reveal any information about the boss.

Before he could get more information about the boss, a message came from the detention center.

Ah Zhu had committed suicide.

When Lu Xingzhi received that message, Ah Zhu had already been sent to the same hospital they were at.

However, Ah Zhu had died from excessive blood loss during the resuscitation effort.

By the time he reached the hospital, he had already become a corpse.

Lu Xingzhi was not surprised that Ah Zhu would find an opportunity to commit suicide in prison.

A proud person with a trace of kindness in his heart would not want to stand in a court to be tried and then shot to death.

Jiang Yao had Lu Xingzhi push her to Ah Zhus operating room.

When she arrived, she saw a group of police officers and medical staff covered in blood.

“He died on the way here.

There was nothing we could do to save him.

Look at how cruel he was to himself.

He cut his throat with fragments of a bowl.

The blood spurted like a fountain.” Professor Ouyang shouted at the gloomy-faced police officers.

“You cant even look after a prisoner How could you let a prisoner in the detention center have the chance to get a dangerous weapon like ceramic fragments”

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