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Chapter 1449: Eventual Good Fortune

That kind of pain was not the same as being dismembered.

It was tormenting him bit by bit, torturing his spirit and his physical strength.

As soon as he fell asleep, he would immediately be whipped until he woke up again.

However, they would always avoid hitting his vital points when they whipped him.

They would not kill him.

They would only wake him up from the pain.

However, he would not be able to hold on and would continue to close his eyes.

He would continue to be whipped again and again.

He had not closed his eyes to rest ever since he escaped.

Ah Da was so exhausted that he did not even have the strength to struggle.

“You still dont want to tell me”

Lu Xingzhi dragged a chair and sat down.

“Is it that hard Youre going to die anyway.

You dont have to be tortured before you die.

If you tell me, Ill give you a quick death.”

“Whats the difference”

Ah Das pupils did not even move as he spoke.

He was like a blind man as he turned toward the source of the sound.

“Youre wrong.” Lu Xingzhis voice was distant and carried a hint of ridicule.

“Are you human I only treat beasts like this.

The word human does not apply to you.

Ah Da pursed his lips and did not say a word, so Lu Xingzhi stood up.

He turned around and said to the police officer beside him.

“Continue to stand guard.

Dont let him out of your sight.

If he dares to close his eyes, hit him mercilessly!”

Then, Lu Xingzhi left the interrogation room.

There was no progress there, so he needed to spend his time elsewhere.

Lu Xingzhi asked the other police officers to find Sergeant Ges wife and sons room.

The police officer who led them to claim the body was investigating the mother and son to see if they had any information.


Chief Liang was also there.

He waved at Lu Xingzhi and threw Brother Jings statement at him.

“Take a look.”

Brother Jings statement described what he and Ah Da had done.

However, since Brother Jing did not meet the Boss very often and they were all in places with poor lighting and many people in between, his impression was that he was not very tall.

His hair was neither long nor short, and he was short and fat.

His voice was low and rustling.

He sounded like he was in his forties or fifties.”

“Brother Jing, do you know Ah Das real name”

Lu Xingzhi flipped through the records but did not find the answer to that question.

“I dont know.

Just like Brother Jing did not tell Ah Da his real name,” Chief Liang said.

“Those people are very cautious.

How could they easily tell the other party their real name and identity”

“Brother Jing already told us everything.

Why did Ah Da still insist on not saying a word” Lu Xingzhi looked at Brother Jings confession.

Brother Jing said that he had seen Ah Da and the Boss many times.

Ah Da and the Boss had a very good relationship.

The Boss valued him more than anyone else.

That was why Brother Jing was very lenient with Ah Da.

That was why the two of them got along so well.

Sergeant Ges wife did not have any helpful information.

Lu Xingzhi listened for a few minutes and then left.

He drove back to the hospital.

He missed Jiang Yao, even though they had only been separated for a few hours.

Lu Xingzhi found Jiang Yao in Colonel Lins ward.

Zhou Weiqi pushed Jiang Yao in a wheelchair to visit Colonel Lin.

Colonel Lin still had the same cheerful personality.

When he saw Jiang Yao sitting in a wheelchair and listening to Zhou Weiqi recount the danger Jiang Yao encountered, Colonel Lin simply treated Jiang Yaos experience as if it were a story.

“If you dont die from a plane crash, there will definitely be good fortune in the future.”

Colonel Lin used those words to comfort Jiang Yao, but he only said that because he was excited.

Then, he coughed twice quietly.

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