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Chapter 1442: I Hope Youre Looking Forward To It Too

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“No,” Lu Xingzhi answered very seriously.

“Im big.

Im afraid Ill crush you.

Youre injured.”

Jiang Yao shook her head.

“The hospital bed is quite big.”

It was the truth.

The hospital bed was very big, quite different from the usual ones.

It had more than enough space for two people to sleep.

“I want you to hug me while I sleep.”

Jiang Yao winked at Lu Xingzhi.

Then, she gently patted the empty seat next to her and urged him.

“Hurry up.”

Lu Xingzhi, who was ready to lie down on the sofa, finally walked toward her.

He took off his shoes and laid down in the space she had vacated.

He reached out and took her in his embrace.

“Go to sleep.

They will wake you for more medicine in the afternoon.

Jiang Yao curled her lips.

She was clear about her physical condition.

Just as the doctor had said, she would be in recovery for a period.

She was lucky.

She was in a plane crash.

One person died on the spot while another was in a vegetative state, but she was fine.

After Lu Xingzhi laid down, Jiang Yao pressed herself against his chest.

She could not help but let out a soft sigh.

“I told you that the bed is big.

Its more than enough for us to sleep in.

Next time Im hospitalized, Ill just stay here! ”

After saying that, she received a gentle slap on her forehead.

“There wont be a next time!”

Jiang Yao rubbed the spot where she had been hit.

She mumbled and defended herself.

“Dont I have to be hospitalized when I give birth Then why cant I just come to this hospital to give birth Why is there no next time Next time, in the future, when I give birth to even more children, Ill stay in this hospital! Ill stay in this room! Hmm! If you dont let me stay in this room, then I wont give birth!”

Her little temper tantrum caused Lu Xingzhi to be stunned for a long time before he snapped back to his senses.

Lu Xingzhi did not say anything else.

He just gently rubbed the top of her hair.

Jiang Yaos mood sank when he remained silent.

Why did he not react when she talked about giving birth

She had said that just to make him happy, but in the end, he did not even smile.

Jiang Yao pushed Lu Xingzhi.

“Tell me, have I become ugly”

Jiang Yao looked fearful, and her eyes were filled with tears.

“Have I become so ugly that you dont want to look at me anymore Have I become so ugly that you dont want to have a baby with me anymore”

Lu Xingzhis mind wandered for a few seconds, and when he turned around, he saw Jiang Yaos expression as if she was about to cry.

He immediately panicked.

“No, dont let your imagination run wild.

Youre fine.

If you dont believe me, see for yourself.

Theres not even a single wound.

Of course, Jiang Yao knew there was no wound on her face, but she pretended not to know.

She did not want Lu Xingzhi to think about something she did not know.

“Then why arent you happy when I said that I wanted to have a child” Jiang Yao asked.

He was afraid that he could not protect the child and her.

He was a little hesitant.

Was it a good idea to have a child so early

“If youre not unhappy, then why arent you smiling”

Jiang Yao reached out and tugged at the corner of Lu Xingzhis mouth.

“Come, show your wife a smile!”

When he was still frowning, Jiang Yao let go and sighed.

“I know what youre afraid of, but Xingzhi, you shouldnt be like this.

You never retreat.

You are an eagle that will always rise to the challenge.

I believe that you can always protect our child and me..

I look forward to having a child with you, and I hope that you look forward to it as much as I do.

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