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Chapter 144: Foresight

“Her parents had the foresight in naming her,” Jiang Yao initiated a casual conversation with Wen Xuehui, speaking rather loudly.

“Hu Yuan[1]—the name describes her perfectly.

A plump body paired with a feeble and unintelligent brain, she is a typical mobile idiot.”

Who was Jiang Yao

She was the daughter of the Jiang family, who had showered her with unconditional love and care.

On the outside, she was a kind and polite girl, but on the inside, she was very rebellious and unruly.

Her stubbornness was hidden deep in her blood.

Like forbidden fruit, it was well-kept and hidden inside her if it remained untouched, but once someone triggered it, it would be unleashed with an unstoppable and overwhelming speed.

She had never been a pushover.

If it wasnt because of her heart of stone, she would never have had the will to protest against the marriage that her parents had arranged for her in such a harsh way in her previous life.

Everyones first impression of her was always positive.

They would compliment her for being a well-behaved and obedient girl.

However, for those who knew her well, they could see that she could not be associated with obedience, but she was simply born with an innocent and pure face.

Although Jiang Yao knew a little bit about Zhang Xiqing because of Wen Xuehui and Li Ronghui, she also knew that it didnt mean that she could tolerate Zhang Xiqings slaves absurd behavior towards her and her friend just because Zhang Xiqing came from a wealthy family.

Hu Yuan was a girl, after all.

She had never been ridiculed so directly to her face.

Her figure and appearance were her biggest shortcomings, and what she hated most was others mocking her over them.

At the moment, she glared furiously at Jiang Yao with her blood-shot eyes while gritting her teeth.

At the same time, Zhang Xiqing did not expect Jiang Yao to humiliate Hu Yuan so mercilessly in front of the students.

Jiang Yaos mockery was so blunt and straightforward that she froze in shock.

Since young, Zhang Xiqing had grown up with compliments and praises.

When she turned one, she was adored for her cute and angelic looks.

When she was three, she could recite poems that earned her compliments for being a smart and intelligent child.

At the age of five, she started playing piano and was praised as a music prodigy.

She lived up to the Zhang familys hopes for her.

She was getting prettier and prettier as she grew up, she had an excellent academic track record, and she had won a lot of trophies and awards from piano competitions.

She had always believed that she was the perfect role model of all women, she was a rising star, and her life was the most brilliant among all women in the world, and it would continue to be glorious.

When she heard about the selection of the freshman representative for the opening ceremony, she was absolutely sure that she would be selected.

The other two candidates for the position was not even on par to challenge her.

To her, Wen Xuehui was not worthy to be considered her opponent.

As for Jiang Yao, the other candidate from another province, she wasnt even worth mentioning.

Coming across Jiang Yao was purely accidental for Zhang Xiqing.

The first time she had seen her was at the university gate when Wen Xuehui was walking with her and she heard Wen Xuehui calling Jiang Yaos name.

Thats when she realized that the girl standing not far away was another freshman representative candidate.

Just when she was eyeing Jiang Yao, her cousin, who had come to take her home, whispered into her ear, “Xiqing, who is that girl She looks really beautiful like a goddess who has walked out of a painting.”

Zhang Xiqing knew instantly what was running through her cousins mind.

He must be thinking about how to tackle the pretty lady into sleeping with him.

Although it was just an ill-intentioned remark from Zhang Xinan, his praise irritated Zhang Xiqing to the point where she was indignant as if someone had struck her heart with thorns!

[1]Hu in its Chinese word means simpleton and unintelligent, whileYuan in its Chinese word means round, or in this context, it means chubby.

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