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Chapter 1435: She Is Awake

“What are you babbling about Hurry up and tell Lu Xingzhi that Jiang Yao is awake!” Zhou Weiqi exclaimed and immediately turned around to run out of the room.

“Help me to the window; I want to take a look,” Jiang Yao said to the nurse beside her.

The nurse did not dare and turned to look at the doctor.

The doctor had not wanted to allow it, but he decided that the couple were terrifyingly stubborn after thinking about it.

If she did not get up and look at the one running on the field, she probably would not feel at ease.

She was the only one who could stop him.

It would not be long before they would be able to lie down together.

“Be careful.

Help her to the window.” The doctor nodded.

A few nurses immediately acknowledged that and carefully helped Jiang Yao to walk toward the window.

They could see the field from the window.

It was a vast sports field.

Jiang Yao looked into the distance and saw a tiny figure running on the large field.

She saw Zhou Weiqi running down the field and chasing after that figure.

He reached out to pull the man, but he shouted, “Get lost!”

“Lu Xingzhi! Lu Xingzhi! Jiang Yao is awake and is looking for you!”Zhou Weiqi dodged so fast that he was almost hit.

He quickly told Lu Xingzhi why he was there to get him.

Only one sentence was needed to make the man, who had been running for seven hours, stop.

As if he had sensed something, he raised his head and looked at the window of a particular ward.

He saw a familiar figure standing behind the window, facing him from afar.

At that moment, Jiang Yaos tears fell.

Liang Yueze called Zhou Weiqi and asked him to pass the phone to Lu Xingzhi.

Then he handed the phone to Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao watched Lu Xingzhi put Zhou Weiqis phone to his ear before she said, “Xingzhi, Im in pain.

I miss you.

Please come back.”

No one was willing to look away first.

Even though tears blurred her vision, and she could not see anything but his figure or understand his emotions, she still stood there and looked at him.

She only knew that he was not there.

“Im in pain.

I miss you.

Please come back.” Lu Xingzhis heart shattered.

After throwing the phone back to Zhou Weiqi, Lu Xingzhi ran to the ward.

A few nurses helped the crying patient back to the hospital bed, and the doctor left with the nurses.

Liang Yueze looked at Jiang Yao, whose face was covered in tears, and his heart trembled.

“Xingzhi blamed himself for your injury.

Fortunately, youre okay.

Then, Liang Yueze saw Lu Xingzhis figure appear at the door.

Liang Yueze tactfully pulled Chen Xuyao out of the ward so that the couple could have some privacy.

Lu Xingzhi stood at the door anxiously for a long time.

It was not until Jiang Yao reached out her hand toward him that he walked in stiffly.

“Chen Xuyao told me that you went for a run without even taking a look at me after I left the operating room.” Jiang Yao snorted when Lu Xingzhi came in.

She retracted her hand and did not let Lu Xingzhi hold it.

Was she angry Disappointed She did not even let him touch her hand.

Lu Xingzhi lowered his eyes.

It was true.

He was incompetent.

If it were him, he would also be angry.

She was out of surgery the previous night.

It was not that he did not want to guard the ward, but he did not have the courage to do that.

He was afraid to see Jiang Yaos pale face.

No matter how much he called out to her, she did not respond to him.

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