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Chapter 1434: He Went Crazy

Lin Tuan was seriously injured in the mission, and Jiang Yao was also severely wounded.


G died on the spot.

Brother Ding and Brother Jing were caught, and Sister Wen and Wen Yunfang were also captured.

That operation successfully broke through that complicated group and saved thousands of women and children.

However, it also made the soldiers who participated in that operation pay a heavy price.

The end of March in Province A was already the season where the sun was shining brightly.

There was a scene of hundreds of flowers blooming everywhere.

Even many beautiful ladies on the streets had begun to wear skirts.

The sky in Province A was blue, and the white clouds were drifting.

All of that showed that the city was peaceful and peaceful.

Early in the morning at the end of March, the sun broke through.

The tinkling sound of bicycle bells accompanied the warm sun and signified that another new dawn had arrived.

When Jiang Yao opened her eyes, her first reaction was that her bones felt as if they had been dismantled and reassembled.

It took her a long time to react.

She looked at the unfamiliar environment and detected the faint smell of disinfectant in the air.

Then, she looked at the drip in her hand.

Jiang Yao finally confirmed that it was a hospital.

Looking out of the window, it looked like it was the morning or evening.


The first thing Jiang Yao did was look for Lu Xingzhi.

She remembered that when she fainted, it was as if someone kept calling her name.

She really wanted to open her eyes to answer him and tell him not to worry, but she could not do it.

She did not know how worried and guilty she would be if she were to see Lu Xingzhis plane crash.

“Ah, the heroine is awake!”

The nurse responsible for taking care of Jiang Yao was pleased to see that she was awake.

“Youre finally awake!”

Then, the nurse immediately left to inform the doctor.

Liang Yueze also came with the nurse and the doctor.

When they saw that Jiang Yao had woken up, the three of them heaved a sigh of relief.

“Jiang Yao, you scared us to death!”

Zhou Weiqi sat down beside Jiang Yaos bed and said, “When we received Lu Xingzhis message, we rushed to Shu City.

We wanted to go there to protect you, but unexpectedly, something happened first.

When we found you and Lu Xingzhi, we saw him carrying you covered in blood as he ran down from the helicopter to look for the doctor.

I thought you were dead.”

“Zhou Weiqi, if you dont know how to speak, then please keep your mouth shut.” Chen Xuyao kicked Zhou Weiqi.

Liang Yueze glanced at Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao.

He waited for the doctor to check on Jiang Yao before asking, “Doctor, how is she”

“Not too bad.

She needs to rest well for a period.” The doctor adjusted his glasses on his nose and looked at Jiang Yao.

“Keep an eye on your condition.

Youre a doctor too.

I believe you understand this well, right ”

Jiang Yao nodded.

She asked, “Big Brother, whats going on”

“Jiang Yao, youre finally awake!”

Chen Xuyao said, “If you dont wake up soon, Lu Xingzhi will be in trouble!”

“Ever since you were warded last night, Lu Xingzhi dared not enter your room.

Then, he ran like crazy on the field.

No one could stop him.

He would hit anyone who would try.

None of us could stop him! Its past six oclock now.

Its been seven hours, and he hasnt stopped! He was still running when it rained at midnight last night.

And then the rain stopped, and he was still there.

No one could stop him except for you.”

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