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Chapter 1433: Not Optimistic

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Lu Xingzhi did not dare think about it.

If something really happened to her, would he still have the courage to live in that world alone

He had never been a coward, but if he lost her, he would be the biggest coward in the world.

With a loud boom, the helicopter finally fell in a short ten seconds.

Someone beside him shouted excitedly, “Captain! The plane is not on fire! Quickly! Lets land and save them! ”

It was a blessing in disguise that the helicopter was not on fire.

Lu Xingzhi quickly landed the helicopter and was the first to jump off the plane and run toward the crashed aircraft.

His footsteps were fast, like a leopard in the jungle.

“Yaoyao! Yaoyao! “Lu Xingzhi knelt on the ground and used a military knife to open the door.

His hands were shaking.

The woman leaning against the door had her eyes tightly shut.

Her head and shoulders were covered in blood.

The red blood stained her entire body, leaving her face completely unrecognizable.

No matter how much he shouted outside, she did not move.

The door was severely deformed.

The helicopter had lost its original structure.

Lu Xingzhi used a lot of strength, but it took him a long time to tilt the warped door.

Then, he carefully carried the woman out.

As soon as he touched her, her blood stained his clothes.

Lu Xingzhi lowered his head and wiped her blood-stained face.

He kissed her tightly shut eyes and placed his hand on her chest.

“Yaoyao… Yaoyao…”

His men dragged the other two people out.

Sergeant Ge was already dead.

When the plane crashed, some parts had hit his head.

He was unlucky and died on the spot.

The pilot was not much better.

He was covered in blood, his breath was weak, and countless wounds were on his body.

Moe was unhurt; Jiang Yao had protected him in her arms.

He stood in a daze as he stared at Jiang Yaos unconscious body.

He looked sorrowful.

“Captain! That is Sister-in-laws medical kit.

See if theres anything that you can use.

Help her first.

Then well bring them to the hospital.”

Lu Xingzhi acknowledged that and then carried Jiang Yao.

He glanced at Moe, who was squatting by the side and then asked his subordinates to take Moe as well.

The pilot and Jiang Yao were on the same plane, while Sergeant Ge, who died on the spot, was put on another plane.

Many medicines were in the medical kit, but Lu Xingzhi did not recognize any of them.

Fortunately, he saw Jiang Yaos special hemostatic powder.

So, Lu Xingzhi sprinkled them on Jiang Yaos wounds.

Then, he ordered another person to sprinkle the powder on the pilots wounds as well.

Nothing was more important than the hemostatic powder.

After Lu Xingzhi had done all that, he protected the person in his arms in silence.

His eyes were fixed on the person in his arms.

He took one of her hands and put his other hand on her chest to feel her heartbeat.

“Captain, the Chief had sent a message.

Ah, we have their answer now.” Someone handed the walkie-talkie to Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi spoke with a hoarse voice on the walkie-talkie, “This is Lu Xingzhi.

How is Colonel Lin”

“Theyre not optimistic about his injuries.” Mr.

Liang sighed..

They were like relatives, and he even considered Colonel Lin his junior.

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