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Chapter 1432: Can You Fly

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After doing all that, Jiang Yao stared at Sergeant Ge.

She could not underestimate the veteran.

An injured person could still fight back.

The pilot called out to her.

Regardless of whether Jiang Yao could hear him or not, he quickly said, “There is a method to control the helicopter.” That button is—”

However, he had lost too much blood.

The pilot did not say anything else before he fainted.

Jiang Yao immediately panicked.

“Comrade! You cant sleep! You havent finished speaking.

You havent taught me how to fly the helicopter yet! ”

At that moment, Jiang Yao really had the urge to cry.

The pilot had fainted.

What should she do She had never touched a helicopter.

How could she know how to fly it

“Moe, do you know how to fly this” Jiang Yao looked at Moe.

Moes eyes widened.

“How would I know”

Then, the damaged propeller slowly showed signs of stopping.

Jiang Yao looked up at the sky and suddenly felt despair.

“Then, can you fly” Jiang Yaos voice was weak.

“No…” Moe imitated Jiang Yaos actions and stared blankly at the sky.

Or rather, he stared blankly at the propeller that had gradually stopped.

“Cats have nine lives.

Dont be afraid.

“Jiang Yao smiled bitterly.

Sergeant Ge had ordered her to throw her phone away.

He would not allow her to have any weapon or means of communication with her.

“Bullsh*t! I only have one life!” Moes fur stood up straight.

He was furious.

How high could a person fall

Then, what about a thousand meters

Like a broken machine, the propeller finally stopped after a few clangs.

The body of the plane tilted bit by bit and then fell rapidly.

The people behind the helicopter held their breath as they realized the propeller of the helicopter in front of them had stopped.

The helicopter started to fall.

A shout almost shook half of the sky.

Lu Xingzhi felt his body tremble as if everything before him was pitch black.

He watched helplessly as the helicopter in front of him fell.

Other than the criminal he wanted to capture, his comrade was in that helicopter!

Even his lover was there!

There was only one Lu Xingzhi in that world, but for Lu Xingzhi, there was only one Jiang Yao.

No one could replace her, and no one could erase her.

From the moment he made up his mind to marry her, he was destined to hold her for the rest of his life until he died.

What was the feeling of heartache

It felt like he did not want to breathe or his heart to continue beating.

The pain pierced through his heart.

There was no pain more unforgettable than that moment.

His words fell through.

He swore to protect her, but he still let her get hurt in front of him, time and time again.

Lu Xingzhi had always been conceited.

Even though he was born into a wealthy family in a small country, he was still proud.

He had an outstanding ability, and he was proud of that.

He was confident that he could control everything in the palm of his hand to become the ruler.

However, in reality, he was an unremarkable person..

He still could not change fate.

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