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Chapter 143: Do You Think Youre Pretty

Jiang Yao stared in a daze.

The class leader, Jiang Fangge, pointed to the group photo in the newspaper and grinned excitedly.

“Jiang Yao, youre so photogenic! The owner of the newspaper stall told me that everyone rushed to get a copy this morning! Up till now, you have the highest number of votes for the most beautiful freshman contest! You have 100 more votes than Zhang Xiqing, the girl majoring in literature!”

“Thats awesome!” Wen Xuehui hopped happily.

“Just as Ive predicted, that girl has a slim chance to be the freshman representative!”

“Oh no, the university hasnt officially announced the freshman representative yet, I simply overheard it.

But since the director said so, I think its very likely to be true.

The official opening ceremony for freshmen will be in two days time, so the notice will be posted the latest in this afternoon!”

Qi Xuan, the facultys advisor, entered the lecture hall as soon as Jiang Fangge finished talking.

He smiled at Jiang Yao and squeaked, “I bet hes here for you!”

As expected, Qi Xuan walked straight to Jiang Yao and said, “Please pass me your photo before lunch.”

When Qi Xuan left, the whole lecture hall erupted with loud cheers.

What else could it be for if he had asked Jiang Yao to submit a photo at this time

It was for the official announcement, of course! Usually, when they announced the freshman representative of the year, it would be followed by a brief introduction of the student.

Jiang Yao smiled as she looked at her ecstatic coursemates in the lecture hall.

They were all freshmen in their late teens who had not experienced the challenges the real world would bring to them yet.

They still bore the naivety and purity in them that they were so delighted and honored simply because the freshman representative was from their course.

The few days before the start of the new semester was the most relaxing time in the entire semester.

There were no classes, but instead, several activities and orientations were arranged for the students to get to know their coursemates and create friendship bonds.

Class meetings also ensued, but mostly to discuss the arrangement of activities before the official opening ceremony.

After the class meeting, Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui returned to their dorms to retrieve her photo which she intended to hand over to the advisor.

However, they were blocked by Zhang Xiqing when they were on the way to the advisors office.

Zhang Xiqing was not alone.

She came with about six to seven people, who seemed like the students there too.

“So, you are Jiang Yao”

Zhang Xiqing was arrogantly blocking their way, though she wasnt the first to speak, but it was another girl standing beside her instead.

The girls body was enormous and her appearance was indescribably horrible.

Because of her obesity, her facial features were crumpled together like dough.

She donned a fearsome look and frowned, but the frown made her eyes almost invisible, and she looked like a fat balloon.

Through the simple question, her tone and expression were full of mockery and sarcasm.

“Look at you, as pale as a weak chicken! Do you really think your look can be categorized as beautiful”

Jiang Yao laughed out loud at her remarks.

She eyed the girl who was teasing her and replied with a smile, “If I look like a weak chicken, how about you Do you think youre pretty You look so much like an inflated balloon, Im afraid that you will float up in the sky if I puff at you.”

Jiang Yaos remarks followed by a glance at the chubby girl standing in front of her made the onlookers laugh ecstatically.

“Jiang Yao, that chubby chick is called Hu Yuan and she is a brown-noser who follows Zhang Xiqing around like a dog! She is accepted into this university with her poor grades thanks to the help from the Zhang family!” Wen Xuehui despised bootlickers like Hu Yuan.

Instead of concentrating on her studies, she followed Zhang Xiqing around like a slave and only thought about how to flatter her master more than anything.

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