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Chapter 1425: Money Is Very Important

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“Those women and children you sold, those families who lost their loved ones, how much pain were they in You were also one of the victims.

You should know the pain of losing a loved one better than anyone else.

You should hate every single person in that group more than anyone else.

But why did you end up on the path that you should not have taken”

Lu Xingzhi suddenly snorted, “Well done, using the ability that the army gave you to deal with your former comrades, using the same marksmanship that the army had taught you to injure your brothers-in-arms who had gone through life and death with you.

Tell me, when you did all those things, did you think about the past”

“I did not want to do it! I did not want to take this path in the first place! Wenwen is still missing, and Im anxious.

I heard that she was kidnapped by human traffickers.

I also hate human traffickers! At first, when I came into contact with Ah Da, I did not know that he was a human trafficker.

I accidentally saved him.

Later, I found out about it.

At first, I wanted to sneak into that gang.

I just wanted to find Wenwen.

I just wanted to use their manpower to find Wenwen!”

Later, he must not have been able to resist the temptation of benefits.

He realized that there was money to be made.

“The money came quickly, right For money, you decided to throw away your conscience” Sergeant Ge joined the army earlier than Lu Xingzhi.

When Lu Xingzhi first joined the army, Sergeant Ge often looked after him.

Lu Xingzhi had always respected Sergeant Ge, so he always called him Brother Ge in the military.

The difference in the way he addressed him was enough to see how far Sergeant Ge had fallen in Lu Xingzhis heart.

He had worked hard to keep Sergeant Ge in the Army, and he had also asked for favors from all over the place for Sergeant Ges future.

He had been a f*cking idiot!

How stupid was he How ridiculous was that

Sergeant Ge closed his eyes gently as if he did not dare look into the eyes of the couple in front of him.

Of those two people, one had helped him with his promotion, and the other had saved his life.

He had greatly disappointed them.

“Because money is very important.

When a person is alive, it is really difficult to do anything without money.

I dont have any other ability to earn money.

For me, it is a chance given by God.”

If he had not seized that opportunity to earn money, he would never have had a chance to make a fortune in his lifetime.

He knew himself well.

It was impossible for him to do business.

How many years would he have to work to be able to buy a house and expensive clothes How many years would it take to give his wife and children a luxurious life

He had planned to quit after one or two years.

Once he earned enough money, he would leave the gang.

Then, he would use the money to go back to his hometown to open a small shop.

He would stay there for the rest of his life.

It would be best if he could find Ge Wenwen.

If he could not find her, he would have tried; there was no other way.

He might as well have a wife and a stepson.

They would be a family.

With money, he could support his stepson in his studies.

He could stop his wife from working so hard as a nurse in the hospital to take care of others.

With money, he could stand out and make those who mocked him regret treating him unkindly.

With money, he could make his family, who had never valued him, beg him!

“Money is really important.

Money can let me live the life Ive always dreamed of.” He did not expect the gang to be targeted so quickly..

He did not expect the military to arrange for a spy to infiltrate the gang.

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