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Chapter 1423: Long Time No See

Ten meters, five meters, three meters.

The man finally moved.

He lifted the wounded man from the ground and pointed the pistols muzzle at the mans temple.

His eyes were like torches as he looked at the approaching crowd.

His voice was as hoarse as a broken gong.

“Ill shoot if you take another step closer.”

The newcomers stopped as he wished; the mans gaze turned toward the crowd and then stopped at the only woman in the group.

Finally, his gaze landed on the man beside her.

The sky had long since brightened, and the sun had long risen.

It was unknown when night had passed.

The sky was blue, and occasionally, rows of geese flew past.

It meant that the spring had melted the ice.

Winter was finally leaving.

“My brothers, its been a long time since weve seen each other.”

“My comrades, long time no see.”

“My sergeant, its been too long.”

“When I left, although you did not send me off, I knew that you were worried about me, about my future.

“After I left, I thought we would not have the chance to meet again.

However, it had only been a few months, and we had met again.

“Long time no see, Sergeant.” The greeting was like a sigh from a best friend who had been away for a long time.

When he took off his army uniform, he had never thought they would be on the opposite sides the next time they met.

“Ge—” Lu Xingzhi could not mutter that word.

He mockingly curled the corners of his lips.


G, you surprised me so much that I will never forget you for the rest of my life.

Youre too capable! ”

“You must have borrowed some courage from the heavens! Youre really capable! I have never misjudged anyone in my life.

You made me look at you in a whole new light!” Lu Xingzhi could barely hold the gun in his hand.

It was one thing to know about that, but it was another thing to personally witness a former brother, a former comrade, pointing a gun at his other comrade!

“Youre an animal! Look at the person youre pointing a gun at! Look at him! In just a few short months, you cant even recognize your former comrade Where did you get the courage to point a gun at him When you had an accident in the army, who was it that sent you to Jindo City hospital And did you know who helped you with your medical expenses It was Zhou Junmin! Youve tortured him, and we dont even know if hes alive!”

Lu Xingzhi dared not ask Zhou Junmin how he was.

He was afraid of the answer.

Half a month ago, Zhou Junmin was still alive and kicking like a monkey that sometimes Lu Xingzhi just wanted to push him into the gutter.

However, at that moment, he was on the verge of death, and his former comrade had wanted to use him as a human shield.

Lu Xingzhi still remembered how Zhou Junmin had behaved when they received word about the mission.

“Sergeant, I heard that we will have female partners in this mission.

What do you think my partner will look like Will she be pretty What if she falls in love with me during the undercover mission”

“Sergeant, Ive decided that after that mission, Ill settle down.

During the mission, Ill cultivate a good relationship with my partner.

When the mission is over, Ill marry her.”

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