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After washing up and getting changed, Jiang Yao was drinking water while watching Wen Xuehui, a Rip Van Winkle, try to pull herself away from her warm blanket.

Seeing the mobile phone on the bed with the corner of her eyes, she picked it up and saw a notification.

It was a message from Lu Xingzhi.

The time indicated that he replied to the message at 5.30 am.

She assumed that the day started very early in the base, and that he had replied to her message as soon as he woke up.

Jiang Yao grinned gleefully when she saw the notification and quickly clicked on the message, wondering what would he say to her arrogantHmph.

She clicked the message, glanced at it, and…


Jiang Yao sprayed water directly onto the phone screen!

Wen Xuehui sat up from the bed, her eyes blinking large and sparkly, the contrary to the look when she struggled to wake up.

She watched Jiang Yao in amusement, beginning with the obvious grin on her face, then frantically put down the glass in her hand and grabbed some tissue paper to wipe her phone.

“The lives of rich people are incomprehensible to the commoners like us, I didnt even know that the phone needs to freshen up when it wakes up in the morning.” Then, Wen Xuehui picked Moe up and said lazily, “Lets go, Ill take you to wash your face.”

Poor Moe, he was awakened by the sudden jolt from his deep slumber.

He looked at Wen Xuehui in a daze and screamed, “Argh! Human, what do you think youre doing! Let me go!” although it was just meow in the ears of others.

Jiang Yao ignored Moes pleading gazes.

It was about time someone taught him a lesson.

She looked back at the phone that was water-free.

She looked at the message again, huffed an amused laugh.

—26 days to go.

—From: Hubby

Huh, this guy…

He was so eager to meet her that he needed to remind her to cross another day off her calendar till the day they would meet.

Jiang Yao sent a text message back to Lu Xingzhi—Youre so goofy.

“Jiang Yao, look at him, did I accidentally knock his head or something” Wen Xuehui looked worried.

“He was still struggling frantically when I put him into the basin, but when I massaged his belly, he froze and lay in the basin quietly.

See! Just like this, looking so adorably silly, although he meowed at me occasionally.”


Instead of silly, Jiang Yao saw that Moe was enjoying the warm bath.

It might sound like meow to Wen Xuehui, but she clearly heard him sighing in an ecstatic huff, “Wow~ So refreshing~ So comfortable~”

“Enough with him.

You too, quickly wash up and get changed.

We have a class meeting this morning, remember” Jiang Yao urged Wen Xuehui.

Then, she carried Moe up and put him in the cat bed under her desk that she bought specifically for him.

After leaving their dorm, the girls parted ways after breakfast.

Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui went to their faculty.

As soon as they entered the lecture hall, their class leader came sprinting excitedly.

“Big news! When I went to the Academic Affairs Office this morning, I overheard the director saying that Jiang Yao would be selected as the freshman representative!” The class leader waved the newspaper in his hand.

“Look! Your interview yesterday is in the newspaper! I quickly bought a few copies at the newspaper stall outside for our coursemates to read.

I even saw a copy on the directors desk!”

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