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Chapter 1419: An Emergency Search

After a brief pause, Jiang Yao said, “The rest of the people will follow me to that mountain to search.

Then, some of them can go to that port to see if anyone is waiting for them there.

If there are any—”

“Kill them!”


Liang continued Jiang Yaos words.

“In short, the criminals are not allowed to escape!”


Liang patted Jiang Yaos shoulder.

“Its all thanks to you!” Even though he did not know why Jiang Yao was so sure that the person was lying, Mr.

Liang was rejoicing in his heart at that moment.

Fortunately, he had brought Jiang Yao there, and luckily, Jiang Yao had participated in that undercover operation.

He did not even notice that the citizen was lying.

He must be an experienced liar; he did not even blink.

No one would be suspicious, especially in that kind of emergency.


Liang glanced at the person hugging his head; he did not even dare to cry out in pain.

Then, he split the men into three groups and acted according to Jiang Yaos instructions.

Jiang Yao almost immediately ran to the helicopter.

She had no experience in searching for someone.

The medical system could only get a rough location; it could not accurately find Lu Xingzhi and the rest, so she still needed to search for them.

Jiang Yao listened to the military officer beside her give a long list of search orders.

When the helicopter reached the sky above the mountains, Jiang Yao asked the pilot to fly as low as possible.

They had their search methods, and Jiang Yao also had her own search methods.

Unlike those soldiers who searched inch by inch, Jiang Yaos speed was much faster than theirs.

Jiang Yao could search within a two-kilometer radius with her eyes.

“Theres no target in that area.

Go forward another two kilometers.” Jiang Yao raised her eyes and looked at the pilot.

Her voice was firm.

The pilot looked at the officer beside Jiang Yao.

He nodded and increased the flight speed, and flew forward.

The trees in the forest were very tall.

Some of the pine trees seemed to go straight into the clouds.

That was undoubtedly a significant obstacle to their search.

They had to avoid it carefully.

“No, two kilometers further.”

Jiang Yaos frown deepened.

“Does that mountain lead to other villages”

“A mountain can lead to countless villages, but there will be a lot of people, which will make them a target.

They wont go to the villages.

They will choose the shortest path,” the pilot said.

Since Jiang Yao did not say anything, he continued to drive forward as instructed.

The higher they went, the more luxuriant the branches and leaves became.

Jiang Yao did not dare divert her attention, not even for a second.

She focused her full attention on the search.


Suddenly, Jiang Yao stood up abruptly.

If it were not for the people beside her pushing her back in time, her head would have been in pieces.

“Lets land nearby!”

Jiang Yao looked down.

“Look! Lu Xingzhi is beneath us! And Lin Tuans partner, the Red Garnet!”

When Jiang Yao saw Lu Xingzhis figure, she was so excited that tears welled in her eyes.

Lu Xingzhi was fine.

He was not injured.

He was leading people to rescue the Red Garnet, but strangely, Jiang Yao did not see Sergeant Ge and Zhou Junmin among the crowd below them!

The pilot looked down in confusion.

He could only see a dense forest, but he could not see anything under the lush leaves.

The trees in that forest were very tall.

The helicopter could not get any closer, so they could not see anything.

Just as the pilot was about to ask, he heard a gunshot from beneath them.

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