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Chapter 1412: A Tool To Earn Money

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Ah Zhus laughter gradually faded away, and his gaze shifted away from Jiang Yao to the ceiling.

There was a spider crawling slowly on the ceiling.

It was clearly so far away from him, but Ah Zhu had an illusion that the spider was drilling into his heart, it even bit him.

Otherwise, why would he feel so bad

“Leave alone me, even Brother Jing doesnt know much about the boss and Mr.


He only knows that Mr.

G appeared recently and is trusted by the boss.

He is also very capable.

However, Mr.

G has been looking for a little girl, six or seven years old.

She is a little girl from the north and her name is Ge Wenwen.

Brother Jing said that Mr.

G accidentally saved Ah Da, and Ah Da treated him as a good brother and recommended him to the boss.

In the end, he stayed to help the boss.”

“Even Brother Jing hasnt seen Mr.


Only Ah Da and the boss have seen this mysterious Mr.


As for the boss, actually, even Brother Jing hasnt seen him, but Ah Da has seen the boss.”

“Actually, Brother Ding doesnt just do human trafficking, he also does organ trafficking.

Some rich people, when their health fails, will look for Brother Ding and ask him to find a group of people to match with him.

Kidneys, hearts, and so on.

This kind of business is very big, but its hard to find people.”

“Brother Jing is in charge of the sex trade.

Ah Da is not in charge of this business.

I heard that Ah Da is in charge of a more profitable business.

Brother Jing often sends a large group of people to Ah Da.

He prefers children or pregnant women.

I heard that they hide things well, maybe they steal things.”

“Hide drugs.” The soldier on the side interrupted Ah Zhus words and clenched his fists tightly.

His tone was as calm as if he was reading a book, but he could not calm down after listening for a long time.

“The corpses of children and pregnant women can often be seen at the border.

The drugs in their bodies were not removed in time.

Some of them were cut open and abandoned by the roadside to die.

To them, these are tools that do not require cost.

These are not considered as human lives.”

“Yes, to us, humans are tools to make money.” Ah Zhus voice gradually became numb.

“Its also a business without any cost.

The country is so big, and there are people everywhere.

Everyone is no different from the dead things on the roadside to me.

The only difference, to me, is that people are money.”

“Ah Zhu!” Jiang Yao hurriedly interrupted Ah Zhus words.

She couldnt care less about the self-mockery in Ah Zhus words.

“Are you sure that Mr.

G looked for Ge Wenwen Is she right Is there a mole on the girls lips”

Ah Zhu answered, “Yes.

There should be more photos of that girl in Brother Dings study.

Brother Ding has been trying to find this girl to please Mr.


Im guessing that Ge Wenwen is someone that Mr.

G knows.

Maybe shes a daughter or granddaughter.”

“Have you ever sold a woman named Sun Cuimei” Jiang Yao asked again, and even her voice had an unconcealable change.

“She was bought by you to be the wives of three dwarf brothers.”

“You can ask Sister Wen about this.

Back then, Brother Ding did bring back a woman and gave her to Sister Wen.

She gave the woman to Wen Yunfang.

As for the name of that woman, I dont know..

When I heard that Sister Wen and Brother Ding explain that, it seemed like they sold her to a very poor family, to be the wives of the three brothers.”

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