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Chapter 141: 27 Days to Go

Facing her roommates endless pestering, Jiang Yao nodded vigorously and said loudly, “Yes, thats my husband, Lu Xingzhi!”

The girls laughed after hearing Jiang Yaos answer.

They sat at different corners of her bed and glanced at her in amusement.

“Wow, calling you every day, huh Im so jealous Im gonna die!” Wen Xuehui grinned.

“No wonder he sent someone to give you a mobile phone when you started school—he wants to listen to your voice every day! You guys are in a long-distance relationship, so even if youre not by his side, listening to your voice isnt too bad.

Oh my gosh, Jiang Yao, where did you find such a sweet husband”

“Actually, its the other way around, he found me,” Jiang Yao said.

She plastered a loving smile on her face as she recalled their past.

Its true, Lu Xingzhi found her.

The girls looked at Jiang Yao with envy.

She was like the product of Gods perfect creation.

She was blessed with a pretty face and excellent academic track, she appeared in the Nanjiang Morning Post as soon as she started school and gained the attention of the whole university, and she even had a husband who adored her dearly.

They never saw even a slight bit of sadness on her face since the first day they met her.

They speculated that she must have had a very wonderful life and in-laws who treated her nicely.

After chatting and joking around for a while, they all returned to their respective beds.

Jiang Yao dried her hair and hung the towel at the balcony.

When she returned to her bed, she saw that the phone screen was lit and a notification that indicated a new incoming message.

Jiang Yao assumed that it was just a spam message.

After all, very few people knew her number, except for her roommates, Lu Xingzhi, and Zhou Weiqi.

She hadnt even managed to inform her family about it.

Who wouldve sent a message to her then Moreover, Jiang Yao subconsciously speculated that Lu Xingzhi was not the kind of person who would send text messages based on her understanding of his straightforward and no-nonsense personality.

However, unexpectedly, when she clicked on the message, it really was from Lu Xingzhi.

It was clearly a smack right in her own face.

The message was short and simple.

27 days to go.—From: Hubby.

Based on such a simple and direct message, Jiang Yao could feel the uncontrollable sensation and desire from Lu Xingzhi to meet her 27 days later that he had already started counting down the days for her.

Jiang Yao decided not to reply to him.

She hurled the phone onto the bed, lay on the bed, and switched off the light.

She tossed and turned for a while, stared at the upper bunk, and surrendered herself into replying to his message.


She waited for a while but didnt receive any response from him.

She guessed that Lu Xingzhi must be asleep as it was getting really late.

Hence, she closed her eyes and entered the Medical System.

As soon as she logged in, the System Admin appeared with a string of firecrackers.

He lit it and loud bangs echoed all over her consciousness that she squinted her eyes annoyingly.

She suspected that there was a huge problem with the admins setting! Was he a fool

“Master, congratulations! Your Favorability Value has skyrocketed today!” The System Admin changed into a bright-red attire.

“Look, Im even wearing such festive clothes to congratulate you!”

Jiang Yao massaged her forehead in agitation.

She didnt even have the strength to criticize him today.

So be it.

‘Gah! What should I do with you, my admin! Jiang Yao thought.

As soon as Jiang Yao clicked into the Favorability Value column, a notification popped up, prompting her to convert all the values to Present Value.

She converted them instantly and obtained twenty points.

Then, she invested every last bit of the points into physical strength.

She grinned in delight as she watched the progression bar for physical strength gradually going from a negative value to a positive one.

She couldnt wait to test how useful and capable the increased Force Value could do to her.

After that, Jiang Yao spent the whole night reading the herbology collection, just like what she did the previous night.

Similarly, she logged out of the system the next morning, feeling very energized and spirited.

Jiang Yao was unsure as to why did she not feel tired after burning the midnight oil.

Was it because of increased physical strength Or was it because her body was resting while her consciousness was accessing the Medical System

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