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Chapter 1411: How Much Do You Know

Was there a spy in the military Jiang Yao had to consider that question carefully.

Even if the people in that group had guessed that there was a spy, how could they have guessed so accurately that the spy was from the military and not the police

“I cant rule that out!” Lu Xingzhi said.

The car had already turned onto the boundary of Peng Hu Town.

He told Jiang Yao to stay in Shu City and then hurriedly hung up the phone.

Jiang Yao had just finished her call when someone came to tell her that Ah Zhu had woken up.

Jiang Yao looked at the time and was a little surprised.

Even though Ah Zhu had not been exposed to more neurotoxins than the other two men.

Logically speaking, he should have been unconscious for at least an hour.

It had only been an hour, and he had already woken up.

It seemed that everyones personality was different, and the duration of the drugs effects would also be different.

She still needed to improve on that drug.

“Ah Zhu specifically asked to see you, Sister-in-law,” the young soldier said.

“Ill go with you.” Wen Yunfang hated Gu Junhui to death, so Jiang Yao wanted to interrogate her.

With Wen Yunfangs personality, she would rather die than tell her.

Furthermore, Wen Yunfang might not know as much as Ah Zhu, so she might as well start with him.

Ah Zhu was imprisoned in a smaller room downstairs.

There was a bed inside the room; it was probably a temporary room for resting.

Ah Zhu was tied to that bed, which was less than a meter wide.

“I heard Sister Wen and Wen Yunfangs voices.”

That was the first thing Ah Zhu said after Jiang Yao entered the room.

Jiang Yao nodded.

“They are being interrogated upstairs, but they are furious with me.”

“Knowing that you are a spy for the military, that b*tch Wen Yunfang must be furious, right And Sister Wen.” Ah Zhu laughed lightly.

“Wen Yunfang always thought that you were a woman with nowhere else to go, so she looked down on you.

Now that youre an official and shes a bandit, its a pity that I did not get to see how she looked when she found out the truth.

It must have been quite interesting.

Jiang Yao also had not seen that because Wen Yunfang had not reacted before Mr.

Liang sent people to imprison her.

After she snapped back to her senses, she did not have time to ridicule Gu Junhui anymore.

“If you want to know anything, just ask me.” Ah Zhu laid there without any intention of struggling.

He did not need anyone to ask anyway, “Theres nothing more to hide.

Ive thought it through.

I have been a bad person all my life.

I have to be a good person in the future.

Im a good person.”

The man was so easy-going that the people around him were shocked.

Jiang Yao did not know what to say.

Such a person made it easy for Jiang Yao to have a psychological burden.

However, when she thought of Ding Xiaomeis experience and the many women and children in that world still waiting for their situation to be resolved, Jiang Yao put aside the little bit of sadness in her heart.

“How much do you know about your boss behind the scenes And how much do you know about that mysterious Mr.


Ah Zhu did not answer Jiang Yao right away.

Instead, he looked at the soldier in the room and asked, “Why arent you wearing a military uniform”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ah Zhu suddenly laughed out loud.

You forgot that youre not a soldier—youre a businesswoman! That brain of yours is a little useless.

However, when you wear a military uniform, you must look particularly heroic.

A woman is not inferior to a man.”

“Ah Zhu, Im not in the mood to chat with you right now.” Jiang Yaos cold and hard voice interrupted him.

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