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Chapter 1410: Colonel Lin Has Lost Contact

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“Take Wen Yunfang outside.” Mr.

Liang called for someone to put Wen Yunfang in another room.

Obviously, he understood what Jiang Yao meant.

In order to take down Sister Wen, he had to let the woman worry about Wen Yunfang.

When Sister Wen saw that her daughter had been taken away, she struggled violently.

Then, she looked at the other woman with a vicious gaze.

“Youre from the military!”

At first, Sister Wen thought that Gu Junhui was the same as them.

Then, she realized that she was wrong! Her thoughts were wrong!

Gu Junhui had appeared calm and collected.

The Chief had pulled the chair for her, so how could she be a criminal

Furthermore, Gu Junhui was not that bold!

The Gu Junhui she knew should be the kind of girl who was as timid as a mouse.

Gu Junhui should have been scared out of her wits and cried incessantly in the face of so many soldiers with guns.

Therefore, Sister Wen finally realized that she had underestimated that woman.

That woman had been a member of the military from the very beginning!

It was not too late to know about that.

Jiang Yao put her phone away.

Her expression changed.

She tapped her legs and looked at Sister Wen with contempt.

“Im a member of the military, so do you know what will happen if you offend me The first time Wen Yunfang asked me out to watch a movie, she wanted two men to bed me.

Today, she broke into the hotel with her men and tried to take me away.

Based on what Wen Yunfang has done to me, dont you think its normal for me to torture her before she is executed”

“What do you mean” Jiang Yao interrupted her.

“I can show some mercy to Wen Yunfang if you can give me useful information.

Think about it.

Im going out first.”


Liang gave Jiang Yao a look, indicating she should go next door.

Then, she got up and left the room, completely ignoring Sister Wens shouting and scolding.

As soon as she left the room, she heard Sister Wens shouts on the left, and Wen Yunfangs hysterical curses were from the other side.

Jiang Yao was about to go and meet Wen Yunfang when her phone rang.

It was Lu Xingzhis calling.

“Theres a tip-off that Ah Da and that mysterious Mr.

G have been found in Peng Hu Town.

Im on my way to Peng Hu Town now,” Lu Xingzhi said after a few seconds of pause.

“Theres also a situation.

Colonel Lin managed to find out when Captain Hao asked Colonel Lin and his men to retreat.

The people that Captain Hao arranged to pick up Colonel Lin and his men did not manage to do that.

Our men havent been able to contact Colonel Lin and his men since then.”

“Colonel Lin has also lost contact” Jiang Yao frowned again.

“Did something happen at the last minute Did he miss the person who was supposed to pick him up”

Jiang Yao shook her head again.

“Its been so long.

Even if we missed him, we should have been able to contact him by now!”

Colonel Lin would not make such a low-level mistake.

Furthermore, Colonel Lin had a partner who was also a veteran soldier..

There were two of them.

Even if something had happened, they could get one person to send the message!

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