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Chapter 1404: Ive Underestimated You

Jiang Yao guessed that Ah Zhu might have a place to hide in the village, or perhaps he still had his men.

Therefore, the road they used to enter the village was the best opportunity for Jiang Yao to make her move.

Jiang Yao took the high-purity virus number one from the system space and lightly sprinkled it on the palm of the person next to her.

Before the person next to her could react to the water stains on his hand, his entire body had already been paralyzed.

The effect of the high-purity drug was even faster than the last time Jiang Yao used it.

Once applied, it immediately paralyzed the bodys entire nervous system.

She tossed it onto the passenger seat.

Before any sound could be heard from the passenger seat, the mans entire body had been paralyzed.

“Ah Zhu, stop the car.” Jiang Yao took a gun from her pocket and pressed it against Ah Zhus head.

Ah Zhu slammed on the brakes and looked back at his subordinate, who was sitting in a daze.

Then, he looked at the other subordinate in the backseat through the rearview mirror and chuckled.

“Ive really underestimated you.” Ah Zhu licked his lips.

“A soldier”

“Did you already guess it” Jiang Yao walked past the people with guns and avoided Ah Zhu as she got out of the car.

Then, she felt Ah Zhus pocket and took his gun as well as his phone.

She used his phone to make a call to Big Ke.

Fortunately, Big Ke had not found the opportunity to make a move.

Therefore, after receiving Jiang Yaos call, he told Ah Lu to turn the car around toward the place Jiang Yao said.

Big Ke and Ah Lus turn made the people in front of them look silly.

However, they did not turn around when they thought of Ah Zhus instructions to bring Ding Xiaomei to Brother Jing.

That allowed Big Ke and Ah Lu the chance to pick up Jiang Yao.

“You really surprised me.”

After Jiang Yao finished her call, Ah Zhu said, “Whats going on between the two of them”

“You dont need to know.” It was a high-purity neurotoxin that Jiang Yao made during her time in the hotel every day.

It was a strengthened version.

Once exposed to it, even ones facial muscles would stiffen and temporarily lose the ability to speak.

Ah Zhu chuckled.

“When Brother Jing told me that the militarys undercover might be among the new recruits, I did not suspect you until—”

“Until after we left the Ding residence and were followed” Jiang Yao interrupted him.

“Yes.” Ah Zhu could still laugh, and Jiang Yao felt that something was not quite right.

“Sister Junhui,” Ah Zhu shouted at her.

He shook his head.

“Thats not right.

Your real name is probably not Gu Junhui.

In that case, you and Gu Changshu are not really husband and wife.

Before Jiang Yao could answer, Ah Zhu once again dismissed his own question.

“Thats not right either.

I heard that you and Gu Changshu are in love.

Furthermore, the love in Gu Changshus eyes when he looked at you was not fake.”

Jiang Yao did not reply.

She just held the gun and threatened Ah Zhu to walk backward.

Ah Zhu did not seem to find Jiang Yaos reply dull.

He was still talkative, with endless words to say.

“Husband and wife—youre really admirable.” Ah Zhu praised her, and then he sighed.

“I dont know your name, so Ill still call you Sister Junhui.”

Then he said, “Sister Junhui, do you know I have done many bad things, and I did not think I was a good person until I met you.

For some reason, when I saw you, I wanted to treat you well.

You are the only person in my life with whom I want to be completely honest, apart from my grandmother.

I want to treat you well.

I want to be a good person, a good person who treats you well.

You are also the only person in this world whom I want to take care of.”

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