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Chapter 1398: Everything Is Fine

Ah Zhu had left quite a few people in the hotel, so after Wen Yunfangs men kicked at the door for a while, they were stopped by Ah Zhus men.

Outside the door, the two parties quickly began fighting.

It was a real brawl, scaring the hotel guests into screaming and fleeing.

Most went back to their rooms.

In a matter of seconds, there was not a single customer or hotel employee to be seen in the long corridor.

Jiang Yao could only say that the hotels facilities were excellent, particularly the quality of the doors.

The people outside had been slamming for a long time, but they could not get her door open.

Ah Zhu was probably already nearby; he appeared downstairs after three minutes of hanging up the phone.

He only lagged because his legs were inconvenient.

The people he had brought with him were the first to arrive at the hotel.

Ah Zhu was on the verge of taking over Brother Dings men.

Naturally, Wen Yunfangs men were no better than those brought by Ah Zhu.

Wen Yunfang realized something was wrong and fled.

The few people who remained ran through the fire escape.

Jiang Yao was anxious until she saw Ah Zhu appear in the corridor.

She burst into tears.

She cried pitifully as she opened the door for Ah Zhu.

“Sister, dont cry.

Are you all right now” When Ah Zhu walked into the room, he did not know what to do.

After a brief moment of thought, he dialed Gu Changshus number and asked him to rush over to see his wife.

Lu Xingzhi arrived about half an hour later.

The blood outside Jiang Yaos room had yet to be wiped clean when he arrived.

Lu Xingzhi was terrified when he saw the bullet and knife marks on the wall.

“What happened”

When Lu Xingzhi entered the room and saw Jiang Yao sitting on the bed with red eyes and Ah Zhu smoking at the side, he walked over to Jiang Yao and pulled her up.

He checked her from head to toe, and after ensuring that Jiang Yao was unharmed, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Do not worry, Changshu.

Your wife is unharmed.

She is simply terrified.

Wen Yunfang arrived with people to take your wife away.

Fortunately, I was with some men to clean up a nearby area, so I rushed over in a few minutes.” Ah Zhu stood up, stubbed out his cigarette, and explained, scratching his head as he did so.

“Hurry up and calm your wife.

Her eyes are like a faucet when she cries.

She cant stop sobbing.”

Ah Zhu quickly exited the room after saying that.

He was scared away by the girls tears.

He let Lu Xingzhi coax his wife properly.

Jiang Yao wiped her tears and smiled at Lu Xingzhi after Ah Zhu had left.

“Do not be concerned; I am perfectly fine.”

Regardless of what Jiang Yao said, Lu Xingzhi continued to frown.

If it were not for his fear of affecting the overall situation, Lu Xingzhi would have wanted to capture Sister Wen and her daughter because of Wen Yunfangs evil intentions toward Jiang Yao; he could interrogate those two people using countless methods.

“There will be no next time.”

Lu Xingzhi rested his chin on Jiang Yaos head.

In his heart, he felt a lingering fear.

Jiang Yao had changed his name to Gu Junhui.

Even if Wen Yunfangs men rushed in, Jiang Yao could not reveal her skills because she did not want to implicate others, and she could not take out her gun either.

If that were the case, she had no choice but to let Wen Yunfang take her away.

There would not happen again.

That was the promise Lu Xingzhi made to her.

She would never face such a dangerous situation alone again, and there would be no chance for her to participate in any missions either.

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