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Chapter 1395: A Chance For You

“Dont worry too much.

Maybe its not as bad as we thought.

Maybe Zhou Junmin found something and went to follow it.

Perhaps he will contact the organization tomorrow.” Jiang Yao raised her hand and gently touched Lu Xingzhis furrowed brows.

“Yes.” His voice was muffled.

He did not say anything else.

He just raised his hand and removed her hand from his face.

Then, he placed it on his lips and kissed it.

“Close your eyes and rest early.”

The room was dimly lit.

It was so quiet in the middle of the night that even the sound of water leaking in the bathroom was evident.

The two of them just kept their eyes open for the whole night.

They did not get up until dawn.

They put on their clothes from last night and got up.

They knew that Jiang Yao hadnt slept the whole night like him.

Before he left, he hugged her and kissed her for a long time before leaving.

Brother Jing was no longer staying in the hotel across the street.

The information that Jiang Yao could gather in those few days was also minimal.

She only knew that Ah Zhu and Sister Wen had been fighting over their territories for the past few days.

Lu Xingzhi had just come out of the hotel when someone blocked him.

It was one of Sister Wens men.

“Gu Changshu, Sister Wen wants to talk to you.” That person did not even extend an invitation.

Instead, he directly took him to an old car and left.

Sister Wen no longer lived in the Ding residence.

Wen Yunfang had also followed her to Shu City a few days ago.

The mother and daughter lived in Sister Wens house in Shu City.

It was probably to prevent Ah Zhu from bringing people into the house.

Therefore, Sister Wens subordinates were everywhere in the house.

If one looked carefully at their waists, it was not difficult to see that most of them were carrying guns.

After Lu Xingzhi went into the house, he waited for two minutes before Sister Wen and Wen Yunfang came downstairs in their mulberry silk nightgowns.

Wen Yunfangs eyes lit up when she saw Gu Changshu.

“Where did you find him”

After Brother Ding died, Wen Yunfang began to look for Gu Changshu.

However, Gu Changshu seemed to have disappeared.

She could not find him, even after searching for a few days.

“We followed Ah Zhu to a hotel and found out that Gu Junhui was staying there.

Then, we waited near the hotel for two days.

Last night, we received news that Gu Changshu entered the hotel and brought him back early in the morning, just as he was about to leave.”

“Are you stupid Why didnt you bring Gu Junhui back with you” When Wen Yunfang heard that they had found Gu Junhui but did not bring her back with them, she was so angry that she smashed the glass in her hand.

“What do you want with Gu Junhui” Sister Wen glanced at Wen Yunfang, who was throwing a tantrum.

Then she politely asked Gu Changshu to sit down.

“Lets talk about you.”

Lu Xingzhi was not sure what Sister Wen and her daughter were up to.

He had been working with Brother Jing for so long, so he was stunned that they had not gone to Brother Jing to reveal his identity yet.

Even though Brother Jing knew his identity, it did not mean that Sister Wen and her daughter would not tell Brother Jing about it.

They thought they were smart and had many tricks up their sleeves.

They also hated Brother Jing, who was in a higher position.

“About me What about me “Lu Xingzhi remained calm as if he did not understand.

“Gu Changshu, dont play dumb.

Brother Ding is dead now.

Brother Ding arranged for you to go to Brother Jings side.

Although Ah Zhu still wants to avenge Brother Ding, its just a desperate struggle.

As long as Brother Jing makes a move, Ah Zhu wont be able to escape! Youve stayed by Brother Jings side for a few days.

I did not report you either.

This is also a chance for you.”

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